Sheamus def. Jeff Hardy | WWE Backlash 2020 Results

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WWE Backlash 2020 continues. It is now time for Jeff Hardy to take on Sheamus, the culmination of a feud that includes a framed drunk driving accident, drug tests and a faceful of urine. And man is the vignette for it, for lack of a better word, gold.

Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

“You Got Pissed On” chant to start, Sheamus with a side headlock takedown, trying to grind him against the mat. They scramble up, trying to make this chain wrestling look bitter and angry it’s funny. Jeff takes over the headlock, Sheamus drives him into the corner, battering body shot. Sheamus furiously says “You pissed on me?!” as he tosses him around the ring. Jeff with a kick to the gut to counter a whip, low dropkick to the leg. Stomps upon the left foot. Just throws himself at him in a Willow-like maneuver. Sheamus with a big lariat takes him down.

Sheamus grinds him against the mat, rips the very easily tearable mesh shirt as he pulls him up. Jeff takes him to the apron, charging dropkick sends him to the floor! Charges, leaps off the steps to clobber him with an axe handle! Takes him into the ring, shot the back, hooks for a suplex but Sheamus blocks him. Takes him into the corner, elbow after elbow to the back of the head! Knee to the face! Hikes him up to the top rope but then just drops him leg first onto the ring post, loud impact! That took me off guard. Hoists him up, Black Hole Slam but Jeff didn’t take it right at all, he landed on his side! Sheamus off the second rope with a big knee drop for a nearfall! Sheamus grinds his boot into his chin, pulls him to his feet, Irish Curse Backbreaker! And there’s another one! Covers for a nearfall.

Jeff fights his way up from a headlock, Jawbreaker! But Sheamus with a surprise knee to the face for a nearfall! Chinlock cinched in again, Jeff fighting back with back elbows, drives him into the corner, he rebounds off – Jeff with a Back Suplex! Jeff with some blows, hits the ropes, Sheamus stops him short with a clothesline! Now he’s going up top. Flying Clothesline, Jeff ducks him, back elbow, Whisper In The Wind, nearfall! Landed on Sheamus’ back off that one, dang. Jeff reverses a whip, double leg trip, Legal Low Blow, dropkick to the face for a 2 count! Just leaps at him for a splash, 2 count. Sheamus with a roll-up for 2, Jeff with a Mule Kick, ducks a Brogue Kick, wild slingblade! Jeff slowly struggling his way up top now. But Sheamus stops him. Sheamus pursues him up there, but Jeff knocks him to the mat!

He’s looking for the Swanton but Sheamus clips him and he falls right onto him, this is not one of Jeff’s better nights. Sheamus with a White Noise for a nearfall! Sheamus grabs his legs, stomps his chest repeatedly and sinks into the Cloverleaf! Jeff struggles, grabs the bottom rope for the break. Sheamus forces him to the apron, pulls him to his feet, Ten Beats of the Bowery! And then again! Jeff slumps to the apron. There’s, like a really low droning “Hardy” chant, has anyone in this crowd seen wrestling before what the hell? Jeff escapes a powerslam, drives him into the post, Twist of Fate! Jeff going up top! Swanton Bomb, he barely makes the rotation and – Sheamus with his foot on the bottom rope! That one did surprise me. Sheamus rolls to the floor, Jeff pursues, somehow climbs the barricade in spite of the setup, runs across the rail and leaps off but Sheamus with a Brogue Kick out of the air! Throws him into the ring, a second Brogue Kick puts an end to this.

Winner: Sheamus

That was ugly. I can’t decide if I thought it was good ugly or bad ugly though. Every Sheamus match is kinda going for ugly and Jeff sure played along. I kinda wonder if he maybe feels uncomfortable working without a real crowd, he just seemed off his game to me.

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