WWE Monday Night Raw Preview (6/29) – Unadvertised but Likely Angles and Matches

Randy Orton deals with the Big Show; Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan face Lana and Natalya; Bobby Lashley confronts Apollo Crews; Andrade and Angel Garza Crosses the Street Profits

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With most things up in the air with what we can expect on each show, these are angles we expect to see even if they haven’t been advertised.

Randy Orton deals with the Big Show

Last week with Ric Flair at his side, Randy Orton celebrated reclaiming his old moniker of Legend Killer after beating Edge and Christian in successive nights.

This led to the Big Show to come out and face off with Orton. While we don’t expect a match before Extreme Rules, there is probable chance of them exchanging barbs and even a couple of blows until then. Most likely Orton will try to sneak up on Big Show and hit him with an RKO. That seems unlikely, and Show would then toss him around some before others would separate them.

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan face Lana and Natalya

Going back to last week, following Live Morgan’s loss to Natalya, she tearfully walked past Ruby Riott. Riott tried to talk to her, but Morgan mostly ignored her as she was swimming in self-pity and doubt.

Considering how Morgan and Riott’s return as single wrestlers have dropped them to jobber status, it seems the plan is to have them team back up. With Natalya and Lana together, this gives them a legitimate feud and will help them move up in fans’ eyes.

Apollo Crews confronts Bobby Lashley

This is an ongoing feud for the last few weeks since MVP decided adding the young United States Champion to his growing stable. Crews has refused time and again, so Lashley ambushed Crews last week after his match with Shelton Benjamin.

He left Crews writhing on the floor following locking in his full nelson and MVP lecturing him as he’d done throughout the episode.

There’s no chance Crews will let this go since MVP did what he expected in having Lashley attack him. So, we expect him to confront MVP and Lashley and probably have a match. Though given Lashley’s recent feud with McIntyre, it’s hard to see him being fodder for Crews before Extreme Rules, so it won’t surprise us if Lashley beats him in a non-title match or interferes with another match with someone.

When they do face off, it should be fun seeing them go head to head. It’ll be another chance for Lashley to show what he can do, as well as giving Crews a chance to rise up the ranks is/when he defeats a former challenger for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

Andrade and Angel Garza cross the Street Profits

With the Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) finishing up their slightly extended feud with the Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar), Zelina Vega was shown backstage thinking. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that it’s not a good thing when heel managers are contemplating things.

Once the Street Profits defeated the Viking Raiders, Andrade and Angel Garza ran out and jumped the Profits. The beatdown didn’t last long as the Viking Raiders came to the rescue, but the message was sent and a proudly smiling Zelina Vega outside the ring promised plenty more confrontations to come.

This solved two problems. The first is it helped focus Zelina’s two ego maniac misfits on one goal and stop competing with each other. The second is it gives Raw one of two heel tag teams (Ziggler and Roode are the other team) to balance out the roster.

We’ll probably see them cause some more havoc this week as they set up a Triple Threat match for the Raw Tag Team Championship at Extreme Rules. This is just too good to not have the three teams all together.

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