AEW Dark Wrestlers Like Pineapple Pete And Willie Hobbs Deserve A TNT Championship Shot And Maybe A Lot More AEW Dark Stars Too.

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Many fans have started to show who they’d want to have a shot for the TNT Championship a reality by editing the promo image to feature their favorite Indie stars. There are a lot of Indie stars on AEW Dark that haven’t had a shot yet. 

Looking over the non-crowd period of AEW Dark and how many Indie stars have been given a chance to prove themselves. We have had some pretty unusual matches over the last months. A big one that stands out is Jericho Vs. Pineapple Pete. It shows the promise of these stars. 


Who would be a good fit from AEW Dark to go up against Cody? 


There are so many to choose from, who should face Cody from AEW? We have mentioned Serpentico. But Pineapple Pete does seem like the other obvious one. There are so many more that could be a good fit for the match. 

A very surprising wrestler showed a lot of promise in the ring in a Tag Team; Willie Hobbs. He showed his massive explosive ability in the match. Resembling Wardlow and Lance Archer making it a great match up against Cody as the skills go very well together in a match. 


This should only be done once or twice.


It would be great for a lot of AEW Dark wrestlers if they had a match with Cody for the championship belt. That being said, the Open Challenge gives a sense of shock to who will it be next.

That being said, there are loads of wrestlers that would put on a great match with Cody. There has also been mention of Lufisto. Cody seems against putting a woman into the mix for the TNT Championship Open Challenge with him. It could open limitless potential for the belt in the future.

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