AEW Dynamite Results: MJF Addresses The State Of AEW

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There are a few constants in life, death, taxes, and MJF having something he needs to get off his chest on AEW Dynamite. He’s the #1 ranked singles competitor in AEW, has never been pinned or submitted, and is one of the biggest names in the company.

However, he’s never gotten a title match, and he just finds that more than a bit curious. He looks to address this in a promo on Dynamite, but with Lance Archer threatening to join him, would he be able to get the words out?

MJF Thinks AEW Deserves Better

Wardlow would call for MJF in his locker room, in what felt like a terrible recreation of Goldbergs iconic entrance. MJF is going to address the state of the wrestling industry. He’d be flanked by about five guards, and would shake the hands of the commentary team, and promptly sanitize his hands. 

He’d even kiss a fake baby, MJF was pulling out all the stops here as his crew gets the ring prepared for him. ‘We deserve better’ would be the prevailing message here, in particular: a better AEW Champion. A podium would be set up in the ring alongside an american flag and an AEW flag. 

Jon Moxley Is Not His Champion

He’d thank Tony Khan for giving him this chance to speak, and say that he’s been given plenty of time to force feed wrestling fans what they need to hear. MJF would express how shocked everyone must be to see him on two Dynamites back to back. He feels like he’s being held back. Jon Moxley is clearly scared of this change that is coming, and he’s holding MJF down. 

Moxley is not MJF’s champion, but he knows how good Moxley is. He’d criticize the spot heavy wrestling style, and blame the top of the card for this. The world champion is supposed to lead by example, and claim Moxley is pretending to be Stone Cold. 

Name value is the only reason Moxley is on top, but MJF is drawing better numbers. He’s ready to lead AEW into the new era, despite AEW not even being a year old. 

MJF is AEW, he’s going to lead this company for the next few decades. He’s ready to become the star it deserves. 

The challenge has been laid out for All Out, MJF wants Jon Moxley. Will he get the match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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