Into the Vault: WWE In Your House 6

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We’re finally at a clashing month for WCW and WWE as February sees WWE In Your House 6! 


Triple H facing Duke “The Dumpster” was a match that went a little too long for who was involved. There was a story here as they’d been going at it on TV for a while. 

However, I can bring myself to be excited for Triple H fighting The Dumpster. Although, I had the same thoughts going into Triple H facing a Godwinn and I enjoyed that. 

The British Bulldog taking on Yokozuna was a meh bout. These two could have good matches but this one just wasn’t one of them. It could’ve been on RAW. 


Razor Ramon taking on the 1-2-3 Kid in a Cry Baby Match was—it could’ve been fine as just a match and not stipulation. However, I guess WWE said it needed something extra. 

The action was fine, these two delivered against each other and in teams together. There was nothing to worry about except for the stipulation—which didn’t impact the match. 

Another mid-tier bout was Bret defending the WWE World Title against Diesel in a steel cage. I could’ve seen this match jumping to exotic-tier if it was a few minutes shorter. 

There were just moments where the match dragged but overall, it was a decent bout. 


Owen Hart vs. HBK for the number one contendership was a dope match. It’s great on its own but in the context of the rest of the PPV, this thing jumps to incredible. 

While watching it then it might have been like “Owen is getting a shot at a shot at the belt? What?” He always seemed capable of hanging near or at the top in WWE. 

There’s just something about his 90s where he went from newcomer to rising to star, and finally, his career in the company plateaued. It’s just a weird progression. 

That said, if there’s any match that you should watch in full from this show, this is the match. 

WWE In Your House 6 Verdict: 4.5/10 

We all know what the Match of the Night was. HBK vs. Owen Hart was going to be hot fire flames just seeing the card and the stakes. It was just that good of a match! 

WWE In Your House 6 had a few memorable things. The “Cry Baby Match” was such a stupid idea that you can’t forget it. There’s also Undertaker dragging Diesel through the ring. 

Beyond that? I’ll say that it wasn’t a totally forgettable PPV. There were things to remember from it. The thing is if it is favorably remembered.  

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