WWE NXT Results: Johnny Gargano vs. Roderick Strong

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Last week fans of NXT were treated to an instant classic of a triple threat, in which Bronson Reed advanced to a ladder match at NXT Takeover XXX. The other two men in the match, Johnny Gargano & Roderick Strong both blame the other for their loss, and would go at it on Twitter.

But wrestlers shouldn’t handle business on Twitter, they should handle it in the ring, so NXT GM William Regal has them set to clash tonight. Who would shrug off the loss from last week?

A Takeover Caliber Match

We usually don’t see matches this big on free TV, but this is an exception. It would start with a showcase of chain wrestling from them, and Johnny Wrestling would get an early upper hand, until Strong would slip out and try for the Strong Lock, and Gargano almost had the Gargano Escape. They were evenly matched.

However, emotions would get the better of both men, with Strong shoving Gargano down and then locking in a hold. Again, Johnny Wrestling would show why that’s his name, out wrestling his opponent. He’d go for a pinfall, then a side headlock takeover, maintaining complete control. 

Things would get moving, as Gargano dodged a knee strike and hit a hurricanrana. Gargano tried for the slingshot spear, but nearly got caught with a backbreaker. The match would move to the outside, with Gargano getting a takedown before we’d go to commercial break.

Doing Things The Johnny Gargano Way

Coming back, Gargano would have Strong tied up in the middle of the ring, but he’d soon be on the business end of a backbreaker. Some hard chops would follow, as this becomes Strongs type of match. A front suplex would be followed by a rush into the corner, but Gargano countered. He’d go to the apron, and try to go for the One Final Beat DDT, getting hit with another variant of the backbreaker. 

Gargano would be propped up on the top rope, but fought Strong off and hit a swinging Flatliner for a near fall. He isolated the left arm during this, his limb of choice in this match. Strong would be left with one good arm, and the Olympic Slam would be countered with an armdrag. He’d be trapped in the Gargano Escape, but move it into a pinfall. 

A kick to the face would drop Gargano, and they would trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Gargano countered a backbreaker, and would force Strong outside the ring. He’d meet the barricade and the ring post, as Gargano would knock him senseless. 

The One Final Beat DDT would be hit, and Gargano picked up a big win. He won’t be in a title match come Takeover XXX, but we can be assured that Johnny Takeover will find some role on that show. How will he fit into the next Takeover event? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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