WWE Raw Preview (7/6) – Possibilities – Dolph Ziggler to Name His Stipulation for Drew McIntyre

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After being on the losing end on last week’s WWE Raw despite not being the one to be pinned, we feel it’s safe to expect him back this week for a promo to further build his current rivalry with Dolph Ziggler. It may not be much, but we don’t expect a match or anything like that to happen. Now, an altercation is a whole different thing. We haven’t seen Ziggler’s partner, Robert Roode, yet, but our guess is he’s being saved for Extreme Rules.

Speaking of which, Ziggler has yet to name his stipulation.

Handicap or no disqualification

We’re expecting Extreme Rules to be full of gimmick matches, and Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler won’t be any different. And this means this is the perfect time for Ziggler to name his stipulation and allow them to continue building it next week.

This is mainly due to Robert Roode being traded to Raw with Ziggler for AJ Styles. It’s been a couple of weeks and we haven’t seen Roode yet, but that doesn’t meant he’s not in the equation. With less than two weeks to go before the pay-per-view, we can expect Ziggler to announce his stipulation either this or next week.

There’s no denying that Roode will play into it, and the obvious choices are either a handicap match, which would create a rivalry between the two partners, so we doubt this will happen. That leaves a no disqualification match where Roode can help Ziggler to push McIntyre and keep the drama high as it’s possible McIntyre could lose.

We’re not saying this will happen, but it’s something that’d be unexpected and is right up Vince McMahon’s alley. It’d also be a way for him to reward Ziggler, who is reportedly considered the best worker in the promotion.

This is highly unlikely and we don’t se it happening as it’d undercut the dominant run McIntyre’s been on since before WrestleMania.

The problem is they haven’t build a heel capable of challenging McIntyre, so unless they have  a surprise waiting in the wings by way of a surprise signing or return, McIntyre is likely going to get a much deserved year long reign.

Different possibilities

Having Roode help Ziggler offers a third possibility and that’s a gauntlet match. The thought would be that McIntyre would face Roode first, and then Ziggler would have a tired champion to chop down to size.

This would be a fun one simply because it’d plant the seeds for a potential McIntyre and Roode rivalry following this one. Roode and Ziggler are Raw’s version of the Miz and Morrison, so it makes sense that they’d each have a chance at one point against McIntyre.

If nothing else, it’d be fun to see Roode and McIntyre square off again.

Which stipulation will Ziggler name on WWE Raw?

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