WWE Smackdown Preview (7/31) – Bayley (c) vs Nikki Cross

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Tonight, we get to see Nikki Cross challenge Bayley for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship, and it should be interesting.

While many of us hope this time is different, we feel there’s something more to this than another match.

Last week on WWE Smackdown, we saw how Cross was willing to sacrifice her friendship with Alexa Bliss just to get another title shot.

Cross has become more and more unhinged as her obsession with the championship has grown, and we think she’s going to lose tonight and turn heel in the process.


Early on in Cross’ championship endeavor, it was cool to see her get excited for the opportunity. She was a breath of fresh air and still is in many ways, but there’s been a shift.

She’s become nearly psychotic and looks to be reverting back to her old NXT persona over the last few weeks as Bayley has found a way to cheat her out of various championships again and again.

If she loses this time, we expect her to totally snap, especially if Alexa Bliss somehow causes it.

At some point, we expect Cross to step over the line and Bliss will try to stop her.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Cross knocks her down or sends out of the ring, and while berating her Bayley sneaks in for the pin.

Alexa’s fault

As soon as the bell rings, we expect Bliss to try to comfort her friend, but Cross will have none of it. In fact, we think she’ll get violent.

She’ll shove and possibly strike Bliss out of frustration, and then be sorry for doing so.

It could be a cool storyline if they go this route to se how far Cross is willing to go, and what price is she willing to pay to win the championship.

But what if Nikki wins?

If Cross beats Bayley and becomes the new championship, she could go on an even deeper into her obsession and push Bliss away.

She wouldn’t trust Bliss, as she’d expect her and everyone else to be after the championship she worked so hard to win.

In our opinion, this would be the best angle to go on and would really let Cross shine as she becomes a lone wolf, snapping at anyone that tries to get too close.

It’s also open a cool storyline where Bliss tries to reach her, and by doing that she has to take the championship away because it corrupted her.

All signs seem to be pointing to this direction, but it’s difficult to figure out what’ll happen exactly, and that makes this a really fun storyline.

Will Cross defeat Bayley and become the new WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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