WWE Smackdown Preview (7/31) – Naomi vs. Lacey Evans

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WWE Smackdown has been interesting the last few weeks as Naomi has received a much deserved push and Lacey Evans turned heel to give her someone to feud with.

Amazing the power of karaoke, right?

We have to admit that while the karaoke thing was ill-conceived for various reasons, it was a pretty interesting and different way to start a feud, so our hats are off to WWE Creative for that.

But then the singing was, well, this is where we throw our hats out the window.

Two birds with one stone

It feels off to have Evans turn heel over a simple singing contest after they went to so much trouble to build her up as a face for Bayley and Sasha Banks.

 In many ways, it’s the perfect illustration to how they’re trying to find anything that works right now, and to be fair, Evans and Naomi were the best singers by far, and Naomi was better.

Of course, with Evans turning heel, one of the other three had to be the face and who better than Naomi, who was robbed of celebrating her win?

Then Evans defeated her by tying her hair to the middle rope before hitting her with a Woman’s Right.

Yes, that was an insulting lose for Naomi, but it was also very clever of Evans and pretty funny. We can honestly say we didn’t see that one coming.

Miz and Morrison added their own couple of cents, though despite their usual hilarity, it didn’t feel like they put her over.

Naomi wins

Yep, you read that right. We believe Naomi will win tonight.

Honestly, she’s more than due. She’s taken her share of lumps over the last few months, and if she loses here, her push is just about over.

She’s prove herself to be an entertaining performer and we love her, as witnessed with the #Naomideservesbetter movement, though we do expect it was originated by the WWE.

She deserves a significant push and to challenge and possibly win a title or two, and that starts tonight.

We expect her feud with Evans to culminate at SummerSlam, unless they feel a bigger rivalry for Naomi will serve her better.

But we’ll take this one step at a time, and we expect tonight’s match to be a good one between two highly talented wresters.

Who will win? Let us know and drop you answer in the comments.

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