WWE Smackdown Results and Recap (7/31) – Big E Defeated the Miz

Big E slapped on a stretch submission on the Miz for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results and Recap (7/31) – Big E Defeated the Miz

WWE Smackdown Results and Recap returned from commercial as Big E headed out for his first singles match in quite a while.

Once he was in the ring, he continued his new habit of throwing his coat at Corey Graves.

We then had a recap of his and Koki Kingston’s exchange last week when Kingston urged him to take advantage of this opportunity.

Big E vs. The Mix (w/Morrison)

The match started with a lockup, which Big E dominated easily and backed the Miz into two different corners and broke cleanly both times.

Miz rished him and tried a reverse waist lock, but Big E powered out and tossed Miz with a fireman’s carry.

Miz tricked him with a strength challenge, then hit with a few strikes before Big E locked him in an abdominal stretch and spanked him to New Day’s cheer.

A reverse elbow off the ropes led to a pin attempt on the Miz. The Miz then slapped im after kicking out, and got thrown out of the ring.

Big E stalked him, and bounced Mix off the announcer’s table and ring post and then the barricade.

After Big E threw Miz into the ring and the referee was occupied, Morrison his with a parkour style kick off the steps, and Miz then hit with a dropkick from inside the ring.

The Miz then hit with a ax handle off the top rope for a near pinfall before locking Big E in a reverse chinlock.

Big E fought out of is with a few elbows, then his Miz on the apron with a clothesline.

After a few forearms to Miz’s chest, Big E missed with an elbow on the apron and we headed to commercial.

Big E pulls it out

We returned from commercial with the action back in the ring.

The Miz was in control with a sleeper hold. Big E got to his feet with Miz on his back, but he quickly went down again.

Big E managed to throw him off, but Mix hit with superkick for another near pinfall.

The Miz continued to insult Big E by pushing at him with his foot, and Big E countered with a series of suplexes, then a splash off the ropes.

The Miz counted a Big Ending into a Skull Crushing Finale, but Big E fought out of it. Miz then hit with a DDT for another near pinfall.

Miz hit with a series of Yes! kicks. But Big E caught him on his last attempt. Miz then kicked his knee wen Big E charged him, and then hit with two running knees.

Big E countered his third attempt with a one armed slam, then ran into a knee in the ropes.

After Big E countered a charge by Mix with an elbow, Morrison hit Bie E with a kick while the referee was distracted and Mix hit with a skull crushing finale, but he kicked out of the pin attempt.

Miz then locked in a figure four, but Big E dragged himself to the ropes to break the hold.

Miz continued working on Big E’s left knee and hung him in the ropes, but this time the referee saw Morrison attempting an attack then kicked Morrison from ringside.

The Miz protested and Big E rolled him up from behind for a near pin.

Big E then picked him up with a stretch submission and Miz tapped out.

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