WWE Smackdown Results and Recap (7/31) – The Fiend’s Promise

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WWE Smackdown Results and Recap (7/31) - The Fiend’s Promise

Hello and welcome to this week’s WWE Smackdown Live Results and Recap!

Looks like we’re in for an interesting night as some questions will be answered and others will be asked, so let’s get the show rolling.

Getting it Started

We start off with Bayley promising to beat Nikki Cross in their WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Nikki Cross countered by stating how she beat someone that’s better than Bayley (Alexa Bliss) to get this chance.

Big E Promised Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods will be in his mind and heart as he faces the Miz.

The Miz, with Morrison, burst out laughing and plugged his game show, Cannonball. Then said Big E doesn’t have what it takes to be AWESOME!

Lacey Evans said she’d give Naomi the hashtag “What she deserved,” and Naomi countered with saying what she deserves is to beat Evans senseless and tonight, Evans will fell the Glow.

Gran Metalik stated his case in Spanish (sorry, we don’t speak it), so AJ Styles rebutted by saying Metalik may be impressive, but he doesn’t compare to “the champ.”

The Fiend’s promise

Firefly Fun House started and Bray Wyatt entered wearing a snorkel and goggles, then apologized for being late because he was out searching for Braun Strowman. Unfortunately, Strowman must still be “wandering that filthy swamp somewhere.”

He then made one thing clear, and that is he never wanted to hurt Strowman; he wanted to help him.

He added that he (the Fiend) is awake and Strowman has something he wants, and until he gets what he wants no one is safe.

This is the most chilling of all, as the Fiend only comes out when Wyatt feels he needs the extra power when someone’s wronged him.

In this case, it looks like Strowman got away after their Swamp Fight, and he’s going to punish anyone that’s close to the champion.

This is going to make the next few weeks prior to SummerSlam interesting and harken back to the Attitude Era when Kane first appeared.

It’s safe to say the WWE is recycling old storylines, but this one has a fresh feel about it and with Wyatt and Strowman’s ability, it’s going to be a fun one.

The question is, who will the Fiend target to lure Strowman out of hiding?

And more than that, since everyone changes after the Fiend’s finished with them, how will this alter the various characters and their relationships?

Plenty to work with and we can’t wait to see it all in action. Stay tuned to WWE Smackdown Results and Recap for more.

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