Another Nexus Forming? 

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In this week’s Raw, there seems to be a new faction forming. We didn’t actually get to see what their deal was. With them only showing a short segment of them, a bunch of hooded Superstars setting something on fire.

Nexus in the past.

The Nexus had two runs in the past, once just the Nexus and then the New Nexus. The first Nexus had a run from 2010 to 2011. It was formed from wrestlers from the performance centre and mostly feuded against John Cena.

Then the New Nexus came about that had the leader of CM Punk and the faction followed CM Punk to his championship run and had a couple of feuds through the way. 

The future of Nexus.

Could this new faction teased in Raw this week be a new version of Nexus? The new faction looks to have six members including a female Superstar and no this is not the Dark Order. It also rumoured that it’s Dominik Dijakovic and the Undisputed Era in it. There are no rumours of who the female member of the faction is.

Although if this is done right, it could be great. Also it could be a way to make a new women roster member a big deal. Although if Dominik Dijakovic is part of the faction, it will be very weird seeing him work with Undisputed Era with him being a singles Star in NXT.

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