Impact Wrestling Preview (8/11) – Eddie Edwards Defends Impact World Championship

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Impact Wrestling Preview (8/11) – Eddie Edwards Defends Impact World Championship

It’s pretty cool to have the Impact World Championship defended each week in an open challenge, but does this benefit Impact Wrestling?

While it’s entertaining and Eddie Edwards puts on good matches night in and night out, they are in danger of cheapening the promotion’s top championship.

Sure, it’s a good way to forget that the title hadn’t been defended for five months prior to Edwards winning it, but a weekly defense is something fitting for a mid-card title like the X Division Championship.

Especially given how a good portion of the roster is at Wrestle House.

Who’s next?

There are still plenty of options for Edwards to face while his feud with Eric Young is on the back burner for this week.

Some that we’re sure would be a fun match but without a chance of winning are Fallah Bahh and Suicide.

Both were victim’s of Moose’s idea of a title defense for his TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and they’d be an interesting matchup opportunity for Edwards.

Bahh has been gaining steam lately. He’s athletic and agile for his size, and it’s been reported that he’s been taking better care of himself and he’s in better condition and getting better each day.

While he gave Moose a run, it also opened the door for him to take another step, and facing Eddie Edwards would be a big step forward.

Plus, it’s always fun to see two heels or two faces square off. It helps break the monotony of good vs. bad.

Another fun matchup would be with Suicide.

While there’s no doubt Edwards would win this match as well, it’d be highly entertaining with the super athletic Suicide going Edwards fits and matching him move for move.

It’d also be a pretty cool think to see a character born from a video game have a chance to win the promotion’s top title.

It’s a little off the wall, but it’d still be fun.

Out of the box

Speaking of off the wall, there have been rumors for a few months that AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and Impact Wrestling may work together with some cross promotion.

The open challenge Edwards has for the Impact Wrestling World Championship opens the doors for just such a thing.

In this case, AEW has been pushing Orange Cassidy and Darby Alin, so is it out of the realm of possibility that one of them could appear and challenge Edwards?

Imagine Alin showing up at the Impact Center to face Edwards.

On the flip side, imagine Sami Callihan or Ace Austin popping up on AEW Dynamite to challenge Cody for the TNT Championship.

It’d give both promotions a chance to help themselves and each other, and create a link to give the WWE multiple targets.

Plenty of choices and possibilities out there. Who do you think will challenge Edwards?

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