Impact Wrestling Preview (8/18) – Wrestle House – Taya Valkyrie vs. Kylie Rae

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Impact Wrestling Preview (8/18) – Wrestle House – Taya Valkyrie vs. Kylie Rae

Night one of Impact Wrestling’s Emergence is upon us, and it looks like it’s going to be an awesome one with championship matches filling the card, and perhaps a little light humor to keep things interesting.

Into the latter our first preview falls as Wrestle House has been a fun break in the competitive tension of the show.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen some hilarious moments as well as some more serious ones, including Kylie Rae trying to get back to take her show at the Knockouts Championship.

During last week’s segment, Taya called Kylie a loser and that she needed to face a real champion.

Kylie accepted and entered the ring, but Rosemary stopped Tommy Dreamer from calling out “Match time!” until this week.

A serious match

It also appears that this match will be for Kylie Rae’s number one contender position.

So far, the matches at Wrestle House have been easy going and playful, and while this may be in that vein, there’s no way Taya will take it lightly.

In fact, we doubt either woman will, and that’s what’ll make this a great one.

This is a great chance for Kylie to prove herself as deserving of her number one position despite winning the gauntlet match.

In this case, the safe bet would be Taya, but we love Kylie and think she’ll pull it out.

Of course, she’ll have to deal with some interference from Rosemary, maybe even as the referee, but she’ll find a way.

Plus, it just feels wrong to take the chance away from her. She’s really come into her own lately, but that could be why.

With Jordynn Grace and Deonna Purrazzo feuding, Kylie and Taya would be a fun feud for the number one spot for the next week or two.

This could put Kylie and Taya over better than any other way, and make things interesting when they return to the Impact Zone.

What about after the match?

This is what could be tricky given they’re stuck in Wrestle House until John E Bravo wakes up and basically chooses Rosemary.

Maybe Kylie will help with that if she wins? We know Taya won’t because, well, she doesn’t know and Rosemary and Bravo want to keep it that way.

This has potential to be fun to watch Kylie try to motivate Bravo or Rosemary for further Impact Wrestling fun.

Plus, the cattiness Taya will show if she loses will be priceless.

How do you think Wrestle House will play out this week?

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