Impact Wrestling Results and Recap (8/18) – Emergence Night One- TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Moose Defeated Trey Miguel

Moose pinned Trey after hitting with his Lights Out

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Impact Wrestling Results and Recap (8/18) – Emergence Night One- TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Moose Defeated Trey Miguel

Nothing like some Wrestle House to get the jollies going for Impact Wrestling Results and Recap.

Wrestle House started with John E. Bravo’s devil hound and Crazzy Steve’s monkey chatting about Kylie Rae and Taya Valkyrie.

Steve likes Kylie, and things quickly went south when Bravo said the playdate was over.

In the snitch room, Steve pointed out they’ve been cooped up there for too long and they’re losing their minds.

He’s loving it.

Acey Romero then froze as Larry D’s new cologne, Ring Rust, smells like hot garbage.

It’s important to note that Larry was dressed up like a boy band member to impress Rosemary.

The Good Brothers question Ace Austin’s wisdom

We return for a promo by the Good brothers. Anderson called Ace and Fulton for being a thorn in their side and pointed out they’ve gotten their attention.

He asked if they realize what they’ve done, who they’re messing with?

He said they’ve got what they wanted.

Gallows added that they lit a fire in them, and when they’re done kicking their asses, Ace and Fulton can say thank you for being made famous.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Moose vs. Trey Miguel

This is a match we’ve been looking forward to all week, and it didn’t disappoint as Trey started off with a series of kicks and slaps, but Moose manhandled him.

Moose threw him into the corner and dropped Trey with one slap as we headed to commercial.

We returned from commercial with seemingly no time gone as Moose pulled Trey up, but Trey hit with a few kicks before Moose threw him int the corner.

Trey countered being thrown into the ropes with a series of kicks, then bounced off the ropes to try to flip Moose over, but Moose never moved.

Instead, Moose picked him up and put him on the top rope, then knocked him out of the ring with a dropkick.

Outside the ring, Moose continued his onslaught by simply beating on Trey.

Moose then threw him into the ring and stood on his throat before throwing Trey across the ring, causing Trey to bounce.

Moose pulled him up, and Trey hit with a series of strikes to Moose’s midsection, but Moose caught his crossbody attempt and hit with a fallaway slam before flipping up.

He then threw Trey into the corner hard enough Trey bounced halfway across the ring.

Moose continued to hammer on Trey, then picked Trey up by his ear and threw him across the ring again.

Trey fought back once again, but Moose shut him down with a dropkick and a one-handed pin attempt.

Then a more standard pin attempt before ripping at Trey’s nose.

Trey’s all heart, but so far his offense hasn’t had much effect.

Moose picked him up in the corner, and told him the invitation was meant for Suicide and not him. So that’s why Moose is punishing him.

Trey then hit with a super kick and a drop kick to Moose’s leg, then the back of his head.

Trey his with a knew, but Moose caught him after a springboard attempt off the rope. Trey managed to turn it into a tornado DDT.

Moose rolled out of the ring, and Trey then dove out at Moose, but Moose caught him and slammed him into the railing and ring.

Trey managed to get back in the ring at the count of nine.

Trey counted Moose’s Lights Out with a sunset flip, but Moose didn’t go down, and hit with his next Lights Out spear for the pinfall and win.

While Moose celebrated, EC3 came in behind Moose, grabbed him by his ear, and hit the TNA champion with a reverse DDT.

EC3 then took the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with him. This just got personal for Moose when he comes to, and Impact Wrestling Results and Recap can’t wait.

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