It Looks Like A Lot Of Women Are Unhappy With The Bookings Of WWE 

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A while back, there were rumours of many WWE stars not happy in WWE. Since then, there have been a lot of releases and with them alot of statements about their unhappiness in WWE. This includes Eric Young and EC3. 

Until now, we haven’t heard much information on how the women feel in WWE. Now that Sasha and Bailey have all the belts. We are starting to see why and who is unhappy with how they’re being booked. 

It’s not just the men’s roster… 

Looking at how they use their women’s roster over the past couple of years. There’s no surprise that there are going to be some unhappy women wrestlers in the roster. Two of them have made their feelings known. 

This being Ember Moon who mentions that putting all the belts on two people is unfair to all the wrestlers stuck at home eager to wrestle. Naomi has also mentioned her unhappiness with how she was booked. 

Looking at how most of the women’s roster has been booked, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if other wrestlers weren’t happy as well. There are some great women wrestlers in WWE like Dana Brooke and Ruby Riott that still have never had a chance in WWE and have been with them for years now. 

All these wrestlers could make waves in other places 

There have been massive hints of how skilled some of the unused women of the WWE roster are like Peyton Royce and Dana Brooke which have shown how amazing they are in the ring. There was also Ruby Riott who was one of the must watch competitors in the Indies. 

Now we barely see her. If any of these women went to Impact, AEW or even NXT, they could really prove how good they are with a bit more freedom. With hints of their potential through the years but have never had the chance to shine.

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