WWE 205 Live Results: Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott & Tony Nese vs. Legado Del Fantasma

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Right now on 205 Live, there is an uncertain alliance between Tony Nese & Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott. They’ve had hard fought matches against each other, but also Nese has come to the aid of Swerve in the past. This week, they unite against Legado Del Fantasma members Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza. 

Swerve is getting dangerously close to a shot at the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, held by Santos Escobar, so this match could be vital in getting one step closer. Would the unlikely duo of Nese & Swerve be able to overcome Legado Del Fantasma?

Nese & Swerve Show Their Chemistry

Raul Mendoza would start this match with Tony Nese, with them getting things started with some chain wrestling on the  mat. Nese is one of the better wrestlers on the brand, and would get the upper hand, and would then batter Mendoza with strikes before going for a quick pinfall. 

Wilde & Swerve would both enter the match, and more chain wrestling would follow; with Swerve getting control. Being able to get a cravate, Wilde would gain control of the match, but getting cocky would be a mistake, as a slap to the face would wake Swerve up. Throwing Wilde to the outside and nailing a pump kick to the face, Swerve would be caught up staring at the champ. 

Swerve & Nese would start to take control of this match, making quick tags in and out, looking better than expected. Wilde was trapped in enemy territory, nearly being pinned off a double suplex. Mendoza yanking Swerve from behind would allow Wilde to regain control of the match, with him slamming the face of Swerve into his knee. 

Swerve Gets The Better Of Legado Del Fantasma

Swerve would be trapped in the corner of a well oiled machine of a tag team, with Mendoza & Wilde hitting him with tandem offense and cutting the ring in half. He’d fight valiantly to get away, and a right hand to Wilde gave him the opening to tag in Nese!

Nese would start to hit one of his signature combos, a knee to the face followed by a running boot and a spin kick. A pumphandle slam would plant Wilde down, but he’d kick out at two. Applying the Boston Crab, Wilde would be trapped in the middle of the ring, but he’d manage to break the hold, ending the flurry from Nese for now.

A springboard frankensteiner out of nowhere would allow Swerve to get back in the match, and he’d take on both men and be the one standing tall. He’d nail Wilde with a German Suplex, then nail the House Call kick for a very close two count. 

Santos Escobar Saves This One

Looking for the JML Driver, Mendoza would save his partner and Wilde nailed a DDT. Mendoza would come in and Nese would have to save his partner, after a springboard moonsault from Mendoza connected perfectly. 

With all four men in the ring, Wilde & Mendoza would go for lariats and miss, taking kicks, with both Nese & Swerve then diving over the top rope. A diving double stomp on Mendoza would have ended the match, but Wilde saved it. 

Nese would be tagged in, lifting him on his shoulders with some type of double team move planned. Santos Escobar would distract Swerve, and Wilde would shove Swerve off the top rope into the barricade below. 

Nese missed a blind tag as he tried to roll Wilde up. A codebreaker from Mendoza left him staggered, and Legado Del Fantasma would hit the running Enziguri/Russian Leg Sweep combo for the win. This was a great tag team contest, one of the better ones from WWE as of late. Easy 4/5 (****) match here.

With this loss, we should be seeing Swerve get his rightful shot at Santos Escobar regardless. He’s the only man to have beaten the champ in WWE, which alone gives him more than enough reason for a title shot. Will Swerve become our next Cruiserweight Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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