WWE NXT Result: Undisputed Era vs. Imperium [NXT Tag Team Championship Match]

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The NXT Tag Team division has been non-existent lately, but it’s finally getting back on track. They have strong champions in Imperium members Fabian Aichner & Marcel Bartel, who have defended once so far against Breezango. After steamrolling Ever-Rise last week however, they’d finally get a challenge.

The Undisputed Era have been in a slump lately, but with Kyle O’Reilly back, it’s time to get their dominance back with them at full force. It will be his first match in four months, but he’s a three time tag team champion in NXT, and he’s got his best partner in Bobby Fish. Could we see the first four time champion in NXT history tonight?

Undisputed Era Look To Get Back On Top

While Bartel & Aichner wouldn’t have WALTER & Wolfe behind them, the full power of Undisputed Era would be here. However, Pat McAfee would be on commentary, who recently had beef with Adam Cole. This could very well be the downfall of Undisputed Era this week.

Kyle O’Reilly would get started fast with Aichner, not wasting any time getting into a slugfest. Big boots, uppercuts, and more would be thrown, with O’Reilly getting the upper hand in the opening moments of this match. Aichner would get isolated in UE’s corner, with Bobby Fish getting caught midair for a backbreaker ending this control.

An armbar would slow Fish down, as a slower match is more what Imperium likes. Bartel would come in and grab an armbar of his own after an armdrag, before Fish would escape and cut him down. Some dual strikes and a beatdown would follow on Bartel, but most of the focus would be on McAfee jaw jacking about Adam Cole on commentary, not the incredible title match.

A dual PK from Imperium would get them back in control as we went into the commercial break, with Fish in trouble as he gets isolated in enemy territory. Adam Cole would start to catch wind of McAfee insulting him on commentary, and look progressively more pissed off.

Imperium Shows Why They Are Champion

A comeback from Fish would be stopped by a huge lariat from Aichner, who would find himself trapped in the middle of the ring. Fish would fight back to his feet, and manage to take out both members of Imperium. O’Reilly & Bartel would be tagged in, with O’Reilly getting an upper hand with a sit of very quick strikes. It’s nice to have him back.

It would become a two on one in the middle of the ring, with O’Reilly getting the advantage as he’d send Aichner to the outside and go after the knee of Bartel. A diving knee drop into the knee followed by a kneebar would punish Bartel, but as he reached the ropes, a diving headbutt would send him back into the hold.

Aichner would break the hold with a springboard moonsault, and Cole would go over to confront McAfee and tell him to chill out and things would nearly get physical.

Pat McAfee Costs Undisputed Era The Match

Back in the ring, the match continued with Undisputed Era distracted by the outside encounter. Imperium would hit the European Bomb on Fish, and leave with their titles. This all happens without fanfare as Triple H comes to help separate Cole & McAfee. Without McAfee going off on commentary, this would have been a tag team clinic, and hopefully Undisputed Era can get a rematch, because this was a great match when the focus was on it.

It’s clear that this is going to be the next match for Adam Cole, after he was laid out by McAfee. Do you expect the ex-football player to impress in the ring, or will that match be run completely by Cole? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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