WWE Raw Results and Recap (8/3) – Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton Cut a Promo for the Ages

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WWE Raw Results and Recap returned from commercial as they checked in with Charly Caruso that there was an accident earlier where large boxes fell over and no one was hurt.

Wrestlers have told her it wasn’t an accident, but MVP interrupted her and was still going on about losing the United States Championship because of flickering lights.

Apollo Crews accepted MVP’s challenge, and while MVP was mocking him, Shelton Benjamin arrived and said someone stole his 24/7 Championship.

McIntyre’s honest with Orton

Drew McIntyre came out to the ring, looking as intense as ever.

McIntyre started by saying Randy Orton isn’t the type to show you how they feel by flipping you off like Steve Austin or throwing his elbow pad to the fans like the Rock.

He said Orton is the type of person to slither into the ring after an extreme rules match to hit an RKO, but McIntyre said that was his fault; that Orton warned him.

He explained that they weren’t that different, and at one time, Vince McMahon looked them in the eyes and said they were the chosen ones, the future of the industry.

McIntyre then went on how Orton didn’t spend his life in Scotland dreaming about being the first from that country to be the WWE Champion.

Oh no, he had it handed to him because his father is Cowboy Bob Orton.

He added he never drove in a limo with Evolution, but he wanted to.

He never had anyone cleaning up his mistakes like Orton had with Evolution, and that he was fired for his mistakes.

He admitted he deserved to be fired and how he spoke to the people that cleaned up after Orton and that Orton should’ve been fired way more time than he was.

Orton’s music started and he came out with Ric Flair.

Orton stopped him and asked McIntyre if having his respect wasn’t enough.

That he repaid his respect by telling the world he hates being there. Orton said he loves hitting RKOs and pun kicking heads.

He enjoys McIntyre’s fighting spirit, which will make his victory at SummerSlam so much sweet.

Orton admitted he should’ve been fired multiple times, but he wasn’t because he’s more valuable to the WWE than McIntyre will ever be.

Orton said he was the Chosen One then, now, and forever (nice play on Bret Hart’s words).

Orton challenged him to come up with his own opinion on him, and McIntyre responded by saying that Orton represents everything that is wrong with the WWE.

McIntyre said he watched the Undertaker’s Last Ride documentary and how the Undertaker lifted Orton up because he cares about the industry.

He asked how many times has Orton reached down and pulled someone up to his level?

He then brough up how Edge helped him ten years ago, and how Orton walked past him while McIntyre’s world was crumbling around him.

McIntyre’s mother was sick, he was far from home, but Orton didn’t offer anything.

“I don’t see a leader that everybody in the back respects. I see a selfish Pr*ck.”

McIntyre said he has a bunch of receipts to cash in at SummerSlam when he rips off Orton’s head, and Orton will see it coming.

Nia Jax was then shown backstage talking with the same official she was fined for putting her hands on last week.

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