WWE Smackdown Results and Recap (8/7) – Miz and Morrison and Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) Ruled No Contest

The match was ruled no contest when Mandy Rose threw Sonya Deville into the ring

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WWE Smackdown Results and Recap went backstage where Miz, Morrison, and Deville were together as Kayla approached them and asked Miz and Morrison if they were sorry they took things too far.

Miz then pointed out their humor was too high brow for Kayla and Otis. He even compared their upcoming match to playing chess against a pot-bellied pig.

Morrison asked if Otis was going to eat them?

Miz and Morrison (W/Sonya Deville) vs. Heavy Machinery

To start things off, Tucker and Morrison squared off. Morrison hit with a pair of kick, but Tucker caught his leg on the third attempt and took him down for a near pin.

Tucker then took him down with another waist lock, and knocked Morrison down again with a clothesline before tagging Otis in.

After a double team, Otis leveled Morrison with a shoulder block, but Morrison then slipped by him to tag in the Miz.

The Miz’s kicks and punch had no effect on Otis, and Otis ran him over. The pair caught Miz in a sandwich move that missed badly, and Miz slipped out of the ring.

Tucker them took Miz and Morrison out with a flip off the apron as we headed to commercial.

Tide turns

We returned from commercial to Miz and Morrison in control, as Miz knocked Tucker back into their corner.

Tucker fought his way out, but Morrison hit him with a double stomp while Miz held him for a near pinfall.

Tucker caught Morrison off the ropes with a kick to the knee, and Morrison leveled him with a knee strike.

A double stomach breaker was followed by a DDT by the Miz for a near pin.

Miz distracted the referee while Tucker was draped on the ropes and Morrison nailed him with a punch.

Miz attempted to catapult Tucker into an attack by Morrison, but Tucker nailed them both and tagged in Otis.

Otis quickly ran over both opponents, hit both with a slam, then hit Morrison with a belly-to-belly suplex and splash in the corner.

Miz broke of the pin after Otis hit with his caterpillar.

Outside the ring, Miz dodged a charge by Tucker and Tucker hit the barricade. Miz then did the same to Otis, except Otis hit the steel steps.

Somehow, the Miz when down, and Mandy Rose ran out of the back and attacked Sonya Deville by throwing her into the side of the ring twice before they exchanged blows.

They took it into the ring where the referee called the match as no contest and the teams tried to separate the women.

Deville and Mandy refused to be kept apart, and Deville hit Mandy with a spear, sending Mandy and Heavy Machinery to the floor.

This was seriously one of the sloppiest matches WWE Smackdown Results and Recap has seen in WWE in a while. We expected so much better

Retribution’s in town

The fight continued backstage as Mandy and Deville screamed at each other while they were held back and the power went out.

The mysterious new faction wearing all black including masksthen ran into the ring wiedling baseball bats and led pipes and chased the announcers to the back as they celebrated taking over the ring.

They even chased the camera men out before going after the enhancement talent behind the plexiglass.

They beat on a female talent they had encircled, then graffitied the ring and plexiglass with a W in a circle and a line through it.

They even brought out a chainsaw and cut the ring ropes.

Anyone wonder when Vince McMahon will move away from the riots going on as inspiration?

This show had so much promise, but like Raw it was just… yeah.

What’d you think of it? Should they lose the mysterious faction or keep it going?

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