WWE Smackdown Results and Recap (8/7) – Stephanie McMahon Puts Bayley and Sasha Banks in Their Place

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WWE Smackdown Results and Recap returned from commercial as backstage, Bayley was interrupted by Sasha Banks, who asked if she was okay after she volunteered Bayley to face her.

Bayley wasn’t happy she wasn’t asked and said she’s concerned that Asuka wants revenge on her for what she did to Kairi Sane.

Banks said it wasn’t about Asuka or Sane, but them as they had all the gold.

It appears that Banks is now the leader of the Golden Role Models, but even she was speechless when she was informed they were wanted in the ring for a conference call with Stephanie McMahon after the commercial break.

Big E’s future

We came back with Kayla Braxton interviewing Big E.

She brought up how Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are sidelined and what his next goal as a singles competitor is.

After an entertaining recap of his antics, he said he niw has the chance to answer the question of “What would’ve happened.”

He said he doesn’t know where this will take him, but he’ll give it all of himself because new Day rocks!

Stephanie displays her McMahonism

In the ring, Bayley and Banks waited and Stephanie popped up on the titantorn to congratulate them for winning all of the championships.

They thanks her because of all the negativity coming at them from the locker room.

They continued they’re just trying to be role models, and Stephanie mentioned how they’ve done it all like being a referee and mocking the stipulation for Banks to beat Asuka.

Stephania added she’s not sure about them being role models, but they’ve definitely gotten everyone’s attention, especially hers.

Banks tried to counter by saying Stephanie’s a great businesswoman and they’re trying to be like her, that the respect her and her husband.

Amazing how Banks took over the team.

Stephanie said she’s not one to hold a grudge; she’s a McMahon.

She promised Banks will be defending her title at SummerSlam, and she could face Asuka.

She then turned her attention to Bayley, saying all of Bayley’s enemies with meet in a three brand battle royal to face her for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at SummerSlam.

Stephanie closed it out by saying, “Not that’s what best for business.”

The Golden Role Models then started commiserating among themselves as WWE Smackdown Results and Recap head to the next phase.

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