First Month Fire: ECW on TNN #3

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First Month Fire: ECW on TNN #3

I enjoyed the second episode of ECW on TNN so much that I figured we’ll hit the third for First Month Fire.  

This one aired September 10, 1999, and features a TV Title defense between RVD and Jerry Lynn. 

This show also features we have Rhino taking on Super Crazy. There’s a replay from Heat Wave 1998 to hype up Anarchy Rulz’s World title bout with champion Taz defending against Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka! 


The opener between Super Crazy and young Rhino was short but good. They put on a nice little competitive match in under five minutes.  

It leaned heavily in Rhino’s favor but Super Crazy managed to get the win. There wasn’t much flashy here and they kept it pretty simple but it worked.  

At least it wasn’t simple and boring. The match worked to get the TV audience into the show. 


A replay from Heat Wave 1998 was played to build up for Anarchy Rulz 1999’s World title match. If you remember the match between FMW stars Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka then you know this match was dope. 

I wanted to get into it should we eventually get to 1998 in our Into the Vault series but there are some moves that could’ve easily gone wrong. Especially for Awesome. 

Still, this was an extremely exciting and brief showdown that could’ve been the main event match for this ECW on TNN. 

The actual main event was even better as Jerry Lynn got his shot at Rob Van Dam’s ECW World TV title. This was everything you’d expect from these two in a tighter match. 

Just as the match neared the finishing stretch, the Impact Players Lance Storm and Justin Credible hit the ring and attacked!  

Even though it was cut short, it was a strong match in their rivalry over the belt. 

ECW on TNN #3 Verdict: Exotic-Tier (8/10) 

Episode three was another strong show start to finish. If it’s one thing ECW does well it’s making the most out of an hour. The other is creating a truly RAW experience on TV. 

Check out the second and third matches if you want some incredible action. The highlight reel of the Impact Players’ crimes in ECW is also worth a watch and served as a good introduction to the team. 

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