Has Mandy Rose Been Moved To Monday Night RAW?

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Last night on Smackdown Live, there was a four way match to decide who goes on to face Bayley at Clash of Champions. Notable by their absence from this match was Mandy Rose. She had just finished up a high profile feud against Sonya Deville at Summerslam, but can’t get into a number one contenders match? There might be a reason for this, as noted on Talking Smack.

According To The Miz, Mandy Rose Has Been Traded To Monday Night RAW

While the planned host of Talking Smack was Xavier Woods, The Miz has taken control due to Woods absence from WWE at this time. The Miz alongside John Morrison is also feuding with Otis, the current holder of Money In The Bank. That’s what makes this news so suspect.

Otis & Mandy Rose has been one of the leading storylines in 2020, with their romance feeling genuine, due to their real life chemistry and friendship. It lead to Otis getting a singles match at Wrestlemania 36, beating Dolph Ziggler in the process. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, Mandy Rose gets moved to Monday Night RAW?

On paper, this move makes absolutely no sense. Smackdown Live’s women’s division is severely lacking faces, a role Mandy Rose can easily fill. That alongside Rose being confused on Twitter about this news, makes it feel very much a storyline piece that’s being used to further the feud between Otis & The Miz. We’ll have to wait and see if Rose actually shows up on Monday Night RAW soon.

Otis Is Likely To Defend The MITB Case At Clash Of Champions Against The Miz

Over the past few weeks, Miz & Morrison have been trying to steal the Money In The Bank contract, but Otis has outsmarted them twice now. This is the most the contract has been showcased since Otis won it earlier this year, and seems to be leading to Otis having to defend the case to keep his shot. We haven’t seen a [Blank] on a pole match in a while, and that might be a fun match to split up the more serious matches on Clash Of Champions.

Do you think Mandy Rose’s move to Monday Night RAW is legitimate, or just another mind game against Otis? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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