Impact Wrestling Preview (9/22) – Sami Callihan vs. Rob Van Dam (w/Katie Forbes)

The stipulation is If RVD wins, Forbes he gets 5 minutes alone with Callihan

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Impact Wrestling Preview (9/22) - Sami Callihan vs. Rob Van Dam (w/Katie Forbes)

Impact Wrestling hasn’t been one to shy away from potential racing behavior in the past, like with RVD and Forbes that got Impact’s Twitch channel suspended.

In this case, we’ll be surprised if they don’t push the envelope with the violence and blood. It’s just a hunch, but we’re willing to be handcuffing Callihan to the rope for Forbes to beat on him is planned.

At least, for RVD and Forbes.

Not that Callihan doesn’t deserve it, but we don’t see it working out that way. At least, not like RVD and Forbes plan.

Special plans

A couple of weeks ago, RVD and Forbes announced they had a new show called “The Whole Effin Show” and Callihan said he had plans for them.

What those plans entail will be interesting to see, but we’re thinking he’s going to bring in someone to neutralize Forbes so he can focus on RVD.

It feels out of sorts for Callihan, especially since he’s alone again and seems to prefer that, but there’s a possible catch/loophole here.

If this is a straight up match, we expect Callihan to win again as the angle with RVD getting older has been played up by Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne in the commentary.

This is where it gets tricky, since Callihan has a few bones to pick with Forbes as well as RVD.

While we think Callihan will win, we also expect him to want to go after Forbes, citing he should get five minutes with her.

Of course, she’ll refuse and RVD will attack Callihan from behind and another beat down will commence.

Wild idea time

This is 1000% us speculating, but what if Callihan’s surprise involves Havok?

Not only are they a real life couple, but they worked together as far back as an intergender match in 2014.

And since Havok and Navaeh aren’t in a storyline at the moment, unless Rosemary will continue to pursue her help, this makes a strange sort of perfect sense.

Havok and Navaeh could come out and save Callihan, and cause a few jaws to drop. Okay, maybe more than a few.

It’d be an interesting change of pace and could lead to a new faction forming. It’d also open up other chances for rivalries and storylines if the group comes together.

Of course, this is probably our imagination running wild with us. What do you guys think will happen on tonight’s Impact Wrestling? Let us know in the comments.

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