Impact Wrestling Results (9/15) – Kiera Hogan (w/Tasha Steelz) Defeated Taya Valkyrie

Hogan hit a fisherman neckbreaker type of move for the pin

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Impact Wrestling Results were surprised that Taya Valkyrie came out alone, and this seems to have made her really angry.

Taya grabbed Hogan and carried her to a corner and hit with a pair of kicks, the slammed her head first in a second turnbuckle when Hogan tried to crawl away.

She then threw Hogan out of the ring. When he came back in, Taya caught her clothesline attempt, and hit her with a reverse elbow for a near pinfall.

Taya doesn’t look like she’s broken a sweat yet.

Hogan Caught Taya with a kick in the corner and hit with a running boot and a near pinfall.

Taya blocked a suplex or neckbreaker, and hit Hogan with a knee before throwing Hogan out of the ring again.

Taya threw her into a corner and hit with a clothesline and hit attack.

Steels pulled Hogan out of the ring before Taya could hit with a running knee.

Steels hit with a rake to the eye and a kick from the apron while they argued, and Hogan nailed her with a kick and fisherman neckbreaker type of move for the pin.

Impact Wrestling Results aren’t surprised by this, but we expected Taya to have someone with her.

Since Taya dominated and is going to be so pissed that Rosemary wasn’t there. That’s going to be an interesting conversation when it happens.

Rhyno and Heath’s fast one

Hernandez had his roll of money when Rhyno came in and told him he’s not there for a fight, but an arm wrestling match.

When Hernandez was ready to go, Rhyno explained he doesn’t do it with his back to the door, so they switched.

Heath snuck in as Rhyno stalled three times, pissing Hernandez off. Rhyno used a whiney tone to convince him they were going to do it so Heath could steal his money.

Rhyno then said he wasn’t going to do it and left with Hernandez none the wiser so far.

Rohit’s caught in his own trap

Chris Bey was backstage on the phone when he spotted Rohit. Rohit tried to play it off as a friend, but Bey wasn’t having it,

Bey said he was owed a rematch, but Rohit pointed out TJP beat Bey.

TJP spoke up about how he should be up, so Rohit tried to counter it when Trey came up.

Rohit then said it’s a confusing situation and the three of them should face each other.

Bey refused to take numbers since he has a rematch clause.

TJP and Trey were up for it, and Trey said the winner of the Triple Threat match is the number one contender.

It looks like Rohit’s finagling is going to catch up to him pretty soon.

The Triple Threat match could be the highlight next week for Impact Wrestling Results.

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