Jeff Hardy Signs New Multiyear WWE Contract

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Ever since Matt Hardy joined the All Elite Wrestling roster earlier this year, there has been one question on the mind of fans. This is ‘When will Jeff Hardy join him?’, as the team has existed in multiple promotions outside of WWE, notably Ring Of Honor and Impact Wrestling. However, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Team Extreme reunion in AEW, as Jeff Hardy has signed a new deal with WWE, keeping him there for years to come.

Jeff Hardy Is Thriving Once Again In Singles Competition

While Matt Hardy has been trying his best to become a singles act in AEW, Jeff Hardy was busy getting his fifth reign as Intercontinental Champion. His involvement in a storyline putting the spotlight on his real life substance abuse issues raised more than a few eyebrows, but clearly Hardy hasn’t objected too much to this. He has always been the bigger singles star in WWE, the Edge to Matt Hardy’s Christian. Jeff is a former World Heavyweight & WWE Champion, and remains a heavy fan favorite and strong in-ring talent despite slowing down a bit.

With this new contract, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Jeff Hardy getting a run as Universal Champion given his recent status as one of the top babyface talents on Smackdown. His popularity would make him a fine pick for a match against Roman Reigns in the future, and his history with Edge means a final encounter between them is likely being planned for a future Saudi Arabia supershow. This is a higher place than he would have been likely to get in AEW, where he’d likely join the tag team division alongside Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy Is Better Off This Way

While it’s nice to have someone close like a brother by your side in wrestling, Matt has been constantly overshadowed by Jeff Hardy wherever they go. Jeff simply has more singles potential, and Matt only got ahead when he invented the Broken Matt persona in Impact Wrestling. With his goal being the TNT or AEW World Championships once he gets back from injury, it is better for Matt that Jeff decided to stay in WWE.

The Hardy Boys might eventually reunite in the AEW Tag Team division, but for now they both have singles aspirations. Do you think either will claim a World Championship in the next few years? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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