Should Randy Orton Beat Drew McIntyre At Clash Of Champions?

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At Clash of Champions, we will see the much anticipated rematch between Randy Orton and the current WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. This is by far the hottest feud on Monday Night RAW right now. They’ve been hitting each other hard with Punts & Claymores, but at Summerslam, McIntyre slipped away with his championship using a roll up.

With few other worthy rivals on Monday Night RAW for McIntyre to face should he cleanly beat Orton, is it time for The Viper to get world title reign number fourteen?

Randy Orton Has Been Better Than Ever

While nothing is ever deserved in professional wrestling, it is hard to deny that Randy Orton is ready for another reign as WWE Champion. Since the start of 2020, he’s taken out the returning Edge at Backlash, dropped Christian, Big Show, and Ric Flair, before setting his sights on McIntyre and the WWE Championship. All along the way, he’s cut some of the best promos of his career, and people are finally buying into Orton again.

If there was ever a time to put the WWE Championship on Randy Orton again, this is it. He’s probably going to hit sixteen world championships by the time he retires anyways, why not bring him one step closer when he’s at another peak in his career?

Drew McIntyre Would Likely Win It Back

Should McIntyre lose the WWE Championship later this month, it will likely just be another step in this feud. As previously noted, McIntyre is lacking in opponents, having beaten other top heel acts on RAW in Seth Rollins & Bobby Lashley during his reign. He even paid the Ziggler tax, meaning that isn’t even on the table. Aleister Black is still being built up as a heel threat, and while a clash with Keith Lee might be an option? It might be best to keep going with Orton.

McIntyre might lose the WWE Championship, but then win it back at Survivor Series or Royal Rumble, and carry the WWE Championship into Wrestlemania. This would also make him a two time world champion, which sounds much more impressive over commentary.

Do you think Randy Orton will end the WWE Championship reign of Drew McIntyre? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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