Who Is Next For WWE Champion Drew McIntyre?

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Who Is Next For WWE Champion Drew McIntyre?

Last night at Clash Of Champions, Drew McIntyre closed the door on this feud with Randy Orton, quite literally. He won the Ambulance Match after hitting a Claymore & a punt, and shutting Orton away. This felt very final, meaning McIntyre will likely have a new feud leading into Hell in a Cell. Let’s look at some likely options.

Keith Lee Is Ready For An Uninterrupted Match With Drew McIntyre

While Keith Lee had a great overall debut, even beating Randy Orton at Payback, he’s also had a hard time getting uninterrupted matches, especially with Drew McIntyre. He was the third wheel in the feud between McIntyre & Orton, making him a natural fit to slot into the challenger of McIntyre.

Lee has been established as a top name on Monday Night RAW going for, and with McIntyre being beaten up by his past title defenses? He could get a chance to win his first WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell, if not sooner should Lee be destined to join SmackDown in the coming draft.

T-Bar Could Legitimize Retribution

Retribution had a poor debut, but the members have been working around the clock to salvage this angle on Twitter. Fans have been won over, by this and it’s clear they’re not going anywhere, and some big matches would help them build a better reputation with a wider audience.

T-Bar seems like their leader, and anyone who watched him in NXT as Dominik Dijakovic knows exactly how good he is. He’d be able to go head to head with McIntyre in most aspects, and with Slapjack & Mace at ringside? It would be another big fight for McIntyre.

The Draft Could Bring New Names For McIntyre To Knock Down

One perk of the coming WWE draft is that it will often mean new top contenders. Former WWE Champions like AJ Styles & Sheamus could make their way to Monday Night RAW, giving some big targets for McIntyre in the coming months. Drafts are often hit or miss, but going after the WWE Champion is a solid way to kick off your time on a new brand. Braun Strowman has been hanging out around RAW Underground, making him a likely name to jump ship to the brand, and would make a strong challenge for McIntyre.

WWE only needs to get past Hell in a Cell with McIntyre, as Survivor Series will come next. There we could see matches pitting Champions against each other, meaning a clash between Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns and Finn Balor could be in short order.

Who do you think will face Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship next? Will he hold the championship into 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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