WWE NXT Results: Dakota Kai vs. Shotzi Blackheart

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If it wasn’t for Shotzi Blackheart dumping her over the top rope in last weeks battle royal, Dakota Kai could have had another chance to beat Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Championship. Blackheart would go on to be eliminated by Candice LeRae, and now has to deal with a very angry Kai in a singles match tonight on NXT. Kai personally requested this match, and of course has Big Mami Cool, Raquel Gonzalez in her corner.

Shotzi Blackheart Wanted To End It Early

This isn’t Ring Of Honor, and started with a shove to the face instead of a handshake. They’d go for some big strikes early, before locking up in the middle of the ring. Early pinfall attempts would fail to end things early, but an inverted atomic drop would hurt the tailbone of Kai. This would be followed by the double leg drop to the pelvis, and a double knee armbreaker, all from Blackheart who wanted to end this one early.

The legs of Kai would be tied up into an indian deathlock type maneuver, and then grabbed the arms and bent those back as well. Kai had to fight free, and would be sent across the ring with an armdrag, taking refuge in the corner. This would allow her to get a quick shot in on Blackheart, and get some breathing room.

Breathing room would become scarce for Blackheart soon after, having a boot across her throat in the corner, before being taken to the middle of the room for a suplex, getting a two count. Now that Kai had the advantage, she took her time and grinded her opponent down. She’d be tripped onto the middle rope for the running senton, but Gonzalez ran interference and stopped her in her tracks. Kai hit a choke breaker, and would take advantage going into a commercial break.

Dakota Kai Takes Her Eyes Off Her Opponent

Back from the break Blackheart was still under attack from Kai, having taken several kicks to the head throughout the break. She’d fight out of a submission, dodge out of the way and mount a gutsy comeback with a reverse slingblade and a huge knee. The step up enziguri left Kai in position on the middle rope for the running senton. A tiger suplex would get a near fall, but Blackheart couldn’t get that seamless transition into Cattle Mutilation.

Kai would regain control with running double knees in the corner, before trying to set up Go To Kick unsuccessfully. Blackheart and Kai went to the apron, and someone was gonna land on the hardest part of the ring, and Kai took a Sliced Bread No. 2 on the apron, but Blackheart might have also landed on the top of her head.

The referee would check on both of them, but Blackheart would pull herself back in the ring, but Gonzalez tripped up Blackheart as she went for a dive. Rhea Ripley would come to ringside and attack her next rival. This distraction caused Kai to miss a crucial kick, and Blackheart rolled her up for the win.

Do you want to see Raquel Gonzalez face Rhea Ripley? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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