WWE NXT UK Results: Piper Niven & Kay Lee Ray Go Face To Face

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Kay Lee Ray only loves one thing more than her NXT UK Women’s Championship, and that’s a good fight. It’s been almost six months since she’s been able to have one of those however, but it’s finally time for her to get back in the ring.

Next week she faces Piper Niven as she defends her NXT UK Women’s Championship in her first match back in the ring, but this week she’s gotten some promo time to address the NXT UK universe, and her challenger.

Kay Lee Ray Is Going To Show She’s Better Than Her Old Friend

After all this time, the NXT UK universe gets what they want. To see their longest reigning NXT UK Women’s Champion in action, and it’s even a title match. It will be a day to rejoice! Atleast it would be, if she didn’t have to step in the ring with Piper Niven.

Everyone knows that these two go way back, they helped define women’s wrestling in the UK, and now they go one on one in a WWE ring. Everyone will get a chance to see that Kay Lee Ray is just that little bit better than Piper Niven.

Piper Niven Wants KLR To Just Tell The Truth

As if on cue, Niven would make her way down to the ring to address the champion face to face. She’s never heard Kay Lee Ray talk so much, that’s all she does now.

With her talking so much, why doesn’t she just tell everyone the truth? Why doesn’t Ray tell everyone how many times Niven has beaten her in Japan, how many times she’s beaten in the UK? Niven has KLR’s number for years, and next week she’s gonna get the biggest win over KLR, and become the fourth ever NXT UK Women’s Champion.

Things would almost come to blows when KLR went for a cheap shot, only to be blocked by Niven. KLR would flee from the ring with her title in hand, maybe for the last time.

Do you think we will see a title change next week on NXT UK? Will KLR manage to remain champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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