WWE Raw Preview (9/14) – Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins in a Steel Cage Match

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With Dominik Mysterio unofficially being labeled as the top babyface on WWE Raw, it’s no surprise he’s going to continue facing of with Seth Rollins.

The difference here is they’ll be facing one another in a steel cage, which should force it to remain one on one.

While there’s no indication that Murphy has been welcomed back into the fold by the Monday Night Messiah, there’s a chance he may show up to cause some mayhem.

But with this feud going on for a while now, we expect them to start wrapping things up soon, and this could be the next step in continuing to build Dominik.

He’s shown his toughness with all the kendo stick shots he’s taken, and he’s solid in the ring. Sure, his mic skills need some work, but he’s just starting out so there’s no reason not to expect him to improve across the board.

Wrapping it up

And with Clash of Champions a couple of weeks away, it’s understandable to expect them to meet a final (hopefully) time there, but maybe not.

The pay-per-view is where every championship is defended, so fitting a grudge match in there may not work.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Rollins has caused too much damage to the Mysterio family for this to end without Rey having a part in it, and we expect that tonight.

While the entire Mysterio family took part in beating Murphy down with kendo sticks last week for Dominik’s won, it won’t surprise us if they do more of the same this week to Rollins.

A steel cage match isn’t supposed to have disqualifications as a possible outcome, so Rey and company helping Dominik like last week feels like the way it’s going to go.

Changing rules

The WWE changes its own rules all the time as easily as they do wrestling history (remember last years HIAC?), so anything is possible for this match.

The saving grace for this one could be the PG 14 rating the WWE has adopted, which allows them to push the boundaries far more than they were during the PG Era.

While we probably won’t see much if any blood, we could see a change in the rules if the referee feels actions warrant it, like happened at last year Hell in a Cell.

As much as we want to say Dominik will win on WWE Raw and end this feud, we have a feeling Rollins will find a way to slither out with a win.

He may lose a pound of flesh to the Mysterios in the deal, but he’ll live to torment them another day.

Another consideration, since he wasn’t on Raw last week, we could see Rollins with some new lackeys that he “recruited.”

Playing devil’s advocate, they could be Retribution.

Just throwing that out there.

What do you think will happen in this match? Let us know in the comments below.

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