WWE Raw Preview (9/14) – Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee

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This is one of those matches on WWE Raw that’s a surprise and it’s not.

There’s no denying there’s going to be a potential feud between Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee for the WWE championship, and with them pushing Lee big time, it looks like it’s starting here.

The seeds for this were planted a couple of weeks back when Lee challenged Randy Orton after he attacked McIntyre.

In fact, McIntyre was in the process of saying he didn’t want Keith Lee to interfere in his fight when Orton surprised him again.

So, this is being billed as a warm up match since Orton’s availability is unknown after absorbing three Claymores last week.

Putting over the new bull

This match is 100% about putting Keith Lee over even more, and it should be a good match.

It’ll be fun seeing two of the WWE’s better talents go head to head for a possible championship chance after Clash of Champions.

Keith Lee has been booked as a powerhouse that’s virtually unstoppable, forcing his opponents like Orton to try and outlast him.

This has given mixed results as Lee defeated Orton in their first match in less than five minutes, weakening Orton’s standing while in a championship rivalry.

So, Orton found ways to counter Lee like pinning Seth Rollins instead of him in their number one contender triple threat match, then have McIntyre interfere last week.

It’s help keep Lee strong as he has yet to be pinned on the main roster, and we expect more of the same here.

Drew McIntyre is the WWE Champion and Lee’s training buddy and friend.

So, it’s east to expect this to be a somewhat grueling match between the two under normal circumstances.

Of course, these aren’t normal circumstances.

Disqualification or no contest

As much potential as there is in this match, McIntyre’s fractured jaw will be played up by the commentators, and we expect this to be one of the quickest matches on WWE Raw.

In fact, we don’t think it’s going to end with a clear winner as it’d make both look weaker, and with McIntyre heading into Clash of Champions it doesn’t make any sense for them to curtail his momentum.

The same goes for Lee as having him lose would undo some of the push they’re giving him, though it would further cement McIntyre as the man to beat given how much trouble Lee gave Orton.

So, in our opinion, if there’s a clean win, it’ll be McIntyre.

But we expect Orton to arrive and spoil things mainly because that Standard operating procedure for the WWE.

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below.

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