WWE Raw Results (9/14) – Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee Ended in No Contest

Retribution attacked, forcing the match to end in no contest

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WWE Raw Results noticed Keith Lee had a new one piece with shoulder straps ring attire when he came out. Interesting. Looks pretty good in it.

 Lee started it off by picking up McIntyre and driving him into a corner and hitting with a handful of shoulder before sending McIntyre into the other corner.

McIntyre countered his charge with a big boot, but was sent back into the corner.

McIntyre sidestepped Lee’s charge, but took a boot to his injured jaw. Lee then went off the ropes and knocking McIntyre out of the ring as we headed to commercial.

Retribution strikes

We returned with McIntyre in the ring with Lee hovering over him. McIntyre and Drew exchange blows, and Lee threw him off the ropes, and McIntyre hit him with a forearm, and then a headbutt.

McIntyre threw Lee across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex.

From the tip rope, McIntyre hit with a clothesline, and McIntyre kicked up.

Lee reversed out of a double underhook DDT, but McIntyre hit with a spinebuster instead, and followed it with a jackknife pin attempt Lee kicked out of.

Lee blocked a pair of suplex attempts, then powered out of the hold, and they exchanged blows again.

Lee came off the ropes and hit with a clothesline for a near pinfall.

McIntyre hit with a jawbreaker, and McIntyre headed back to the top rope, but Lee hit with a leaping headbutt.

Lee climbed to the middle rope and Lee his with a superplex for another near pinfall.

Back on their feet, McIntyre hit with a kick and chop, but Lee ducked a Claymore attempt and McIntyre fought out of a Spirit Bomb.

McIntyre then hit with a cross body block of the ropes, leaving both men down.

Retribution meets the Hurt Business

Of course, Retribution quickly encircled the ring and attacked, outnumbering Lee and McIntyre 5 to 1.

The pair were quickly swarmed over and Retribution high fived each other before returning to the beat down.

While they taunted McIntyre, the Hurt Business came out, which explains where MVP disappeared to with the rest of the announcers.

With the two groups paired off, an all out brawl ensued.

The Hurt Business put up a great fight, and Lee and McIntyre simultaneously launched themselves over the top rope and took out everyone.

As the show went off the air, only McIntyre and Lee stood over the carnage, setting the stage for future debate over any championship matches, which we wouldn’t be surprised if it was a Triple Threat at Clash of Champions.

Not a bad ending for a so-so show. It really didn’t feel like it delivered despite some decent matches. It feels like it missed WWE Raw Results can’t put out fingers on and Retribution just feels tired.

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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