WWE Raw Results (9/14) – Raising the Ante On Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee

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Hello and welcome to WWE Raw Results!

There are a few exciting matches planned, and we’re hoping they’re as good as they sound.

This should be a fun night, so let’s get things started.

Friendly conrontation

In Your Face Monday Night Raw started with Dolph Ziggler on the commentator team. This should be pretty cool.

Of course, we start off with Drew McIntyre coming out to the ring with a new sound effect of swords being drawn added to the opening of his entrance music.

When asked about his opinion on McIntyre, Ziggler had nothing but good things to say. He did add that he didn’t always agree with him, but he admired McIntyre’s hustle.

A recap of Randy Orton’s attacks followed, with a voice over from Orton’s promo when McIntyre returned last week.

We were then treated to the highlights of McIntyre’s three Claymore strikes on Orton.

Anyone else notice McIntyre can talk really well despite a fractured jaw? Guess there’s only so much pretending allowed when promos are involved.

The recap packaged ended with them saying if Orton is able, he’ll face McIntyre at Clash of Champions.

McIntyre started off by saying that Randy Orton broke his jaw, but he’s back. He added that he should consider himself lucky since Orton meant to do so much worse.

He then added that Orton should feel lucky as well.

McIntyre explained that he was told to take time off, but he refused because he’d have to forfeit the WWE World Championship.

He said one good blow would rebreak his jaw, but he’d rather leave the thunderdome in a ambulance instead of giving up his title.

Addressing the camera and Orton, McIntyre said their match at Clash of Champions should be an Ambulance Match, meaning the loser will leave on an Ambulance.

McIntyre added that he created the Claymore by accident, because he was wearing tight leather pants and he nearly split hit pants, and since Scotsmen don’t wear arguments, he altered his move.

He then worked on developing the Claymore.

At the end of his story, a graffic popped up on the titantron showing McIntyre’s Claymore victims in hospital beds like Orton did last week.

Pearce has the power

He started to say something to Ziggler about being up there when Adam Pearce came out and interrupted him.

Pearce said Orton’s injuries aren’t know and it’s doubtful that Orton will be there tonight, and that he may not be able to face him for any championship in the future.

Pearce added the if Keith Lee beats McIntyre tonight and Orton can’t face McIntyre at Clash of Champions, then McIntyre will face Keith Lee for his title.

As McIntyre asked who put Pearce in charge, Keith Lee came out, smiling as usual.

Looks like the meeting between two friends tonight is going to be a lot more intense than WWE Raw Results expected.

The two shook hands in the ring as we headed to commercial.

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