WWE Raw Results (9/14) – Raw Underground – Braun Strowman Stops By; Steel Cage Match – Seth Rollins Defeated Dominik Mysterio

Rollins hit two Stomps on Dominik for the pin

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WWE Raw Results returned with Shane McMahon getting ready to open up Raw Underground when Braun Strowman arrived, looking small next to Shane’s guard.

Looks like Strowman has some aggression to work out.

Back in the arena, Seth Rollins was in his dressing room and welcomed Murphy and told him he’d been waiting to se him all night.

Murphy started to talk about last week, and Rollins said he understands. He said it’s all part of the process and tonight is the perfect opportunity to teach Dominik a lesson in the steel cage.

He then asked Murphy if he’s ready for his role tonight because Rollins has something very special planned.

Rollins smacked him, then grabbed him by the face and told him Murphy his role is to stay backstage because he doesn’t need to have his stupid mistakes looming.

Steel Cage Match – Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

The match started with Rollins kicking Dominik and then beating him down.

Dominik reversed a hip toss by Rollins into a Russian leg sweep and then hit wit a spinning DDT when Rollins pulled him off the cage.

Murphy chose not to stay in the back and handed a kendo stick to Rollins through the cage, and Rollins proceeded to beat Dominik with it.

He then threw Dominik into the cage as we headed to commercial.

Dominik shows his heart again

WWE Raw Results returned from commercial to Rollins raking Dominik’s face against the cage in front of the Mysterio family.

Rollins dragged Dominik to the middle of the ring, saying it was time to learn, but Dominik countered Rolins and threw him into the cage.

Rollins once again plucked Dominik off the cage, but Dominik hurricanrana’d Rollins into the cage, and Rey slipped a kendo stick to Dominik,

Dominik chased Rollins around like a trapped rat, then threw him off the sides of the cage several times and hit with a sit down power bomb for a near pinfall.

Rollins took Dominik’s legs out, and Rollins climbed up next to him and the two beat on each other.

Dominik bounced Rollins’ head of the cage a couple of times, and then they knocked each other onto the top rope. Pretty crafty.

Both collapsed in the ring after slipping off the ropes, and Dominik crawled toward the door.

Rey grabbed Dominik’s hand to help, but Murphy jumped Rey and beat him down.

Rollins was about to climb out the door when Murphy slammed it shut out of reflex on Rollins’ head.

Realizing he mucked up, Murphy then scaled the other side of the cage to cut Dominik off.

Dominik met him at the top and hit him a few times, causing Murphy to crash to the floor.

Dominik then hit Rollins with a splash off the cage for a near pinfall.

Dominik climbed to the top of the cage again, and Rollins caught him as he straddled the top. Dominik kicked him off, but Rollins recovered and hit Dominik with a superplex and Falcon’s Arrow.

Dominik kicked out of the pin attempt.

Rollins taunted Rey and Dominik rolled him up for a near pin.

Rollins then hit with a pair of Stomps for the pin.

After the match Rollins grabbed the kendo stick and climbed out the door as Murphy held it.

Rollins gave Murphy a hard look, then said a few things before smiling. Rollins seemed to forgive Murphy, but then threw him into the barricade and cage, yelling for him to do what he tells him to do.

He then threw the door open and hit Murphy in the face and asked, “How does it feel?”

While the Mysterios entered the cage to check on Dominik, the daughter paused to check on Murphy.

WWE Raw Results can’t help but wonder if there’s a possible future romance angle brewing?

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