WWE Raw Results (9/28) – Legends time!

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WWE Raw Results (9/28) – Legends time!

Hello and welcome to WWE Raw Results!

Tonight looks like it’s going to be a interesting show with plenty of storylines to get started, aas well as preparing for the WWE Draft in two weeks.

Time to warm up the popcorn and settle in. And here we go!

Party time

Ric Flair started the night off by coming out to the ring after doing his part in helping Drew McIntyre defeat Randy Orton.

It sounds like they’re going to have a lineup of legends to celebrate the match yesterday, and Samoa Joe is back commentating.

The Big Show came out next, followed by Christian, and Shawn Michaels and welcomed us to Monday Night Raw.

Michaels then introduced the current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre said he’s known them for a long time, and he grew up working with Christian and Big Show.

Christian helped guide him and give him advice, Big Show was like a big brother, and Shaw Michaels looked out for him while he was in NXT.

He then turned to Ric Flair and said he arrived in America while Flair was still on the active roster.

He switched gears as he pointed out how he won (with the help of those with him) an dhe’s still the WWE Champion.

Michaels said they’re there tonight to thank him for whipping Orton, and said that if McIntyre’s upset about them interfering in his match, it’s Flair’s fault.

McIntyre said he already proved he could beat Orton at SummerSlam, and said he hopes people start attacking Orton on the streets.

Orton’s promise

Orton interrupted him as he appeared on the titantron.

Orton said he hopes McIntyre is enjoying his moment because it won’t last. He added that it’s not over until he says it’s over.

He said McIntyre doesn’t know what hell is, and he won’t stop until he’s WWE Champion.

When McIntyre asked if he’s going to be for a rematch, Orton said he doesn’t have to beg. He said hell be given a match because he’s 14 time world champion Randy Orton.

He then added that there’s a price to be paid when you cross the Legend Killer, and Orton headed off to the side and left the garage with suitcase in hand.

McIntyre said it’s a shame that he’s left, and then turned his attention to what kind of champion he wants to be.

So, he issued an open challenge to anyone in the back he hasn’t defended his championship against to step up and face him.

He doesn’t want to be the type of champion that won last night with 5 on 1 odds.

He then said, “Somebody please, step up.”

WWE Raw Results can’t wait to see who it is. Anyone thinking Keith Lee?

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