WWE Raw Results (9/7) – Mickie James and Asuka Defeated Lana and Natalya

Asuka locked her Asuka Lock on Lana for the submission

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WWE Raw Results enjoyed a recap of the Mysterio and Seth Rollins feud and finished by showing a tweet where Rollins was instructing his disciple Murphy how to atone for his mistakes when we returned.

As the Mysterio family arrived, Murphy walked out behind them, leaving us guessing prior to the commercial break and the Mysterio family interview.

We returned from commercial as the Mysterio family came out to the ring to be interviewed by Charly Caruso. Rey and Dominik, along with Rey’s wife Angle and his daughter Aaliyah.

Charly welcomed them to the WWE Thunderdome, then turned to Rey for a recovery update from his torn triceps.

He said though he wasn’t able to get closure yet to Rollins, he can’t wait to get back in the ring to end things with Rollins.

Charly asked if he had any advice against Murphy later tonight.

Rey said he’s proud of Dominik and he know what he needs to do to put an end to a desperate Murphy.

Murphy then appeared on the titantron, interrupting Charly’s question to Dominik.

Seeking redemption

Murphy pointed out it was because of Dominik that the one person that picked him up wants nothing to do with him.

Rey interceded that it’s no one’s fault but Murphy’s for aligning with Rollins.

Murphy admitted he’s right, but he wanted to up the ante tonight and challenged Dominik to a Street Fight. He wants to end Dominik’s career, and this is his plan.

Dominik accepted, and Murphy applauded him and told him to have hi family at ringside since it’ll be the last match of Dominik’s they’ll ever see.

Dominik closed it out by promising to end Murphy if he touches any of his family.

Afterwards, it was announced that there’ll be two handicapped matches. The Riott Squad will face Shayna Baszler 2 on 1, then they’ll face Nia Jax 2 on 1.

No gimmicks here, right?

Backstage, Baszler and Jax were questioning Pearce about why they had to be in handicap matches.

As Pearce tried to explain the company’s reasoning, Drew McIntyre walked past checking his phone.

McIntyre told Pearce to relax and continued walking.

It was then announced that Asuka will face Mickie James next week for the Raw Women’s Champion, but first she and Mickie James will face Natalya and Lana.

Asuka and Mickie James vs Natalya and Lana

James and Natalya started it off, and Natalya wasted no time in locking Jams in a headlock, which james countered into a head scissors.

James hit a shoulder block off the ropes, then cartwheeled over Natalya before hitting with a dropkick and a near pinfall.

Natalya caught herself on the ropes to avoid a double team and tagged in Lana.

Asuka hit Lana with a spinning kick, but missed with a hip attack and James tagged herself in.

Natalya hit a basement dropkick and nearly pinned James.

A good double team sequence by Natalya and Lana followed on James as they tagged in and out, then coubed her off their corner before Natalya slammed her face first into the mat.

Natalya hit with a suplex and pounded on her before picking her up for a body slam.

James slipped back and rolled Natalya up for a near pinfall, and Natalya had to catch her before she could tag out.

Lana face planted James in the mat, but Asuka broke up the pin.

Natalya threw Asuka out of the ring, and James threw Natalya out. She then hit with a reverse neckbreaker on Lana.

Askua tagged herself in and locked an Asuka Lock on Lana for the win.

James had been on the top rope, but ran over to prevent Natalya from interfering.

Asuka did her celebratory dance in the ring, and James seemed to appreciate the gamesmanship. WWE Raw Results are looking forward to their match next week.

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