WWE Raw Results (9/7) – The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) Defeated Andrade and Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega); Peyton Royce Defeated Billie Kay

Ford hit with a splash on Andrade and pinned him after Garza left the match; Royce hit Kay with a kick for the pin

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WWE Raw Results returned for an interesting match where Angel Garza started it off against Ford with a headlock, and held on despite a roll by Ford.

Ford threw him off the ropes, and after a leap frog, Ford hit with a clothesline.

Garza then tagged in Andrade, but Andrade didn’t look too happy.

Dawkins then hit Andrade with a dropkick and suplex slam, but Andrade sidestepped a running knee in the corner.

Garza was on the floor arguing with Vega, causing Andrade to yell at him to get on the apron. Garza told them not to yell and backed away from the ring while Dawkins hit with a slam and Ford with a frog splash for the win.

After Garza left, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura came out

Meeting of champions

Cesaro started things out by saying they were surprised to find out the Street Profits are the lngest running Raw Tag Team Champions in years.

He and Nakamura expressed they’re there to show the Raw fans what champions look like thanks to the quarterly brand to brand invitational (or the “we need to save our ratings” gimmick instead of removing the brand separation).

They challenged the Street Profits to a Champions vs. Champions match next week.

Dawkins responded that they’re more than a tag team, and Ford said Nakamura has had so many partners he needs an STD test.

The Street Profits accepted, but Cesaro interrupted Ford saying their catch phrase, and Nakamura ended it with “Smooooke!”

24/7 drama

We headed backstage where R-Truth was showing his 24/7 highlights when the dessert cart came and a ninja popped out.

R-Truth fought his way out of the ambush to keep his title for again.

Peyton Royce vs. Billie Kay

The match started off with a headlock by Royce than Kay countered into a head scissors.

Kay then locked in a headlock and hip tossed Royce, and Royce countered into a head scissors.

They then stood face to face blaming each other for betraying the other. They exchange slaps, and continued to counter each other seemingly at ease.

Royce held onto the rope, causing Kay to roll off her, then hit Kay with a spinning kick for a near pinfall.

Royce then hit with a couple of knees to the back and locked in a version of the Million Dollar Dream, but it has a similar effect of a headlock.

Kay broke the hold and threw Royce into one corner and hit with a couple of shoulders, then hit with a suplex for a near pinfall.

Kay attempted a roll up for a near pinfall, then Royce hit with a kick for the pin and her first win as a singles competitor following the Iiconics breaking up.

Royce then helped Kay to her feet and hugged her, showing they’re still friends.

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