WWE Smackdown Preview (9/11) – Intercontinental Championship – Jeff hardy (c) vs. AJ Styles

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AJ Styles has spent the last couple WWE Smackdown episodes complaining about Jeff Hardy’s use of his leg brace to get a win over himself and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Of course, Styles neglects to mention it’s his fault Jeff’s been wearing the knee brace, but he’s a heel, so he’ll do what a heel does.

You know, whine, complain, gripe, lie, cheat, steal. We could write an article about those qualities alone, but Styles does such a great job exemplifying those qualities, we don’t have to.

Of course, the above mentioned qualities has led to Jeff Hardy giving in and agreeing to a rematch with Styles.

But as great as this match can be, we have a feeling there’s going to be a problem in the form of Sami Zayn.

Returning champion

While the WWE has officially stated that Jeff Hardy is the Intercontinental Champion, we know Zayn won’t accept that.

He’s already said as much, and we expect him to interfere in tonight’s match in some way.

Most likely, he’ll be a guest announcer throughout the match and throw a few barbs out there about how he’s the real champion, the WWE sucks, and so on.

As for getting involved, we expect him to try to avoid a confrontation while jawing at Jeff.

Styles will try to use the distraction to his benefit.

We don’t think Styles will win since that’ll cut Zayn’s storyline off at the knees, so Styles will lose through disqualification.

A DQ will allow Styles to remain a legitimate threat to Jeff while he and Zayn can team up to defeat Jeff in a Triple Threat match at Clash of Champions.


While they could go a different way, we this tonight’s WWE Smackdown will move them closer to a Triple Threat and a unification of the Intercontinental Championship at Clash of Champions.

While it’s not a true unification, it’d end any question as to who the real Intercontinental Champion is.

Assuming Jeff or Styles wins, then it’ll give Zayn a chance to work against either of them as a heel or face, depending on the angle they take.

He’ll then spend a few weeks going on about how the match shouldn’t have happened and that he was screwed by a corrupt company, which the fans will love and he could turn face on that alone.

If Zayn wins, justice will be served and the title will be where it belongs and he’ll move toward tormenting his next victim. Or make a face turn and really get things moving.

What do you think will happen tonight? Let us know in the comments below.

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