WWE Smackdown Results (9/11) – Bayley the User

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WWE Smackdown Results are back and we’re all set for some interesting angles as Bayley headed to the ring to explain her attack on Sasha Banks on last week’s WWE Smackdown.

She had the chair she used last week and held it up like a trophy.

She opened the chain in the ring, shined it up, then took a seat before she began.

She pointed to the monitor and a recap of their recent run of loses played.

It concluded with her attack on Banks last week. The whole thing was a really nice piece done by the WWE editing department.

The plan unfurls

When it was over, Bayley look sad for a brief second, and then she said all anyone’s asking about it how Banks is doing, when will she be back, ect?

She asked if we think it made her feel good to do that? And she answered with “I enjoyed every second of it.”

She pointed out how everyone wants answers, but she has questions.

She addressed Banks through the TV and said after all these years, did Banks think Bayley didn’t know what she was up to?

She said she knew Banks was waiting for the right opportunity to attacker her, and added how she followed her and needed to match Bayley’s accomplishments.

Bayley added that Banks pretended to be her best friend while she was using her the whole time.

How did she know? Because she used Banks the whole way.

She made sure to that thanks to Banks, she’s the longest reigning Smackdown WOmens champion, but after last week, she’s completely useless to her.

The boos cascaded in over the PA system to the point it nearly drowned her out. It seriously sounds worse than canned laughter.

As Bayley was leaving, Nikki Cross came out to head to her match in a Fatal Four Way match to challenge Bayley at Clash of Champions.

Bayley acted like she would let Nikki go past her, but she nailed Nikki with the chair from behind, then laughed and taunted her as we headed to commercial.

This wasn’t a surprise as it’s a typical heel thing to do, but it was so well done WWE Smackdown Results can’t complain.

Bayley’s really nailing it.

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