WWE Smackdown Results (9/11) – New Firefly Fun House Member; Roman Reigns and Jey Uso Defeated Sheamus and King Corbin

Reigns hit Sheamus with a spear for the pin

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WWE Smackdown Results are here and we’re all set to close the night out with a Firefly Fun House and the main event.

Who will be the new member of the Fun House, and who will win?

We popped into the Firefly Fun House to be greeted by Bray Wyatt and a, “Namaste.”

She pointed out that thanks to Roman Reigns, something special is missing from the Fun House, but it’s okay, because handling loss is how you develop into the person you’re supposed to come.

Wyatt opened a special hat box to welcome in Pasqual the Parrot.

When he didn’t come out after a couple of coaxes from Wyatt, Wyatt looked into the box and gave Huskus the Pig a not so happy look.

A “technical Difficulties Please Stand By” message appeared on the screen in the Fun House’s colors.

When it went away, Wyatt admitted he probably should’ve cut some holes in the box.

He then said, “Oh well” and tossed it aside.

The Boss appeared and gave Wyatt grief for losing the Universal Championship and the parrot, and the Boss’ trust to run the Fun House on his own.

The Boss introduced the new special advisor to the Firefly Fun House, Wobbly Walrus.

Think Danny Devito in Batman Returns with tusks.

The Boss then said, “This is some good s—”

Wyatt grabbed his face and exclaimed, “Oh no!”

It was followed with a “to be continued tag.”

King Corbin and Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns and Jey Uso

Sheamus and Corbin attacked jey as he came down the ramp, driven into the barricade ribs first them into the ring to officially start the match.

No Roman Reigns yet.

Corbin thre Jey into the corner, but Jey doged him then hit Corbin with a couple of strikes, and countered a slam into a sunset flip for a near pinfall.

Jey hit Corbin with a kick to the midsection and Sheamus caught Jey’s foot as he came off the rope.

Corbin hit with a Deep Six for a near pinfall.

Sheamus then pounded on Jey, the planted Sheamus with a one armed slam.

Corbin then tagged in and continued stomping on Jey, the choked him out on the ropes.

Jey dodged Corbin’s clothesline, then hit Corbin with a pair of kicks, including knocking Sheamus off the apron with a forearm.

Jey hit with a Samoan drop, but Corbin slipped out of the corner, allowing Jey to hit the turnbuckle.

Sheamus tagged in and hit with  White Noise for a near pinfall

After yelling at Jey, Sheamus prepared to hit with a Brogue Kick when Reigns’ music played and Reigns came out

Jey took advantage of the distraction to hit Sheamus with a step up kick, and hip attack before hitting Corbin with a suicide dive and sending Corbin over the announcer’s table.

Sheamus caught Jey off the top rope but slipped free and hit Sheamus with a superkick.

Jey hit with a splash, but Reigns blind tagged himself in.

Reigns then hit Sheamus with a spear for the pin and win.

Well, this was garbage. Obviously, Reigns won’t come out until someone else does the work, but this was way too predictable and ended the show with a weak note.

What do you think of the main event?

Thank you for joining WWE Smackdown Results, and we’ll see you next week!

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