WWE Smackdown Results (9/11) – Number 1 Contender Fatal Four Way – Nikki Cross Defeated Tamina (pin), Lacey Evans, and Alexa Bliss; Otis Defeated John Morrison

Nikki rolled up Tamina for the pin; Otis hit the caterpillar and Vader Bomb for the pin

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This is going to be another hectic one. Here we go. No Naomi? Could be interesting.

Before the match started, Alexa kept Lacey Evans away from Nikki, and once the bell rang they separated.

Alexa went after Evans while Nikki faced off with Tamina.

Tamina tossed Nikki out of the ring, while hit with a drop toe hold for a quick pin attempt.

Evans then threw Alexa into a big boot by Tamina, and Tamina threw Evans over the top rope.

Evan held onto Tamina’s hair, then swept her legs before Alexa took both down with a dropkick, then nailed each of them with a series of rights.

Alexa hit with a double knee drop, but Tamina caught her with a clothesline.

Tamina then went after Evans, hitting a suplex for a pin attempt Alexa broke up.

Tamina then grabbed Alexa, and Alexa tried to hit a DDT but Tamina held onto the ropes, then hit with a big boot.

Looked like Tamina was about to take over the match as she hit Alexa with a splash in the corner, but then Evans grabbed Tamina and raked her eyes across the top rope.

Evans attempted her handstand drop, but Tamina caught her on the way down with a kick to the midsection.

Tamina started working on Alexa, but Nikki jumped on her back and hammered away. After a few strikes, Nikki hit with a dropkick on Tamina’s legs, then a clothesline for a near pinfall.

Nikki hit Tamina with a shoulder block to Tamina’s midsection, knocking her to the floor.

Nikki and Alexa doubled up for a drop kick on Tamina and Evans by Bliss, followed by a crossbody block off the top rope by Cross.

Alexa seemed to help Nikki up but hit her with a Sister Abigail on the floor in front of the announcers as we headed to commercial.

Woman down

We returned from commercial with Evans locked in a reverse chin lock by Tamina in the ring while Michael Cole and Corey Graves were focused on Alexa’s Sister Abigail.

After hitting the finisher on Nikki, Alexa left the ring and match, walking up the ramp seemingly in a trance-like daze.

Evans got some shots in on Tamina, then hung her up on the top rope, and hit with an elbow over the top rope for a near pinfall.

During the commercial, Tamina apparently worked on Evans’ right hand so she favored it when we came back.

Tamina pulled Evans off the top rope, and Evans drop toe holded her into the turnbuckle and hit with a running double knee.

Evans hit with a leaping moonsault off the second and top rope for a pin attempt Nikki broke up.

Nikki fired herself up and hit Tamina and Evans with a series of splashes and bulldogged Tamina into Evans and had a near pinfall on Evans.

Nikki hit Tamina with a reverse elbow, then hit with a tornado DDT. She dropped Evans for a pin attempt that Tamina broke up.

Tamina threw Nikki into the corner and kicked Evans, but Evans hit her with a Woman’s right.

Nikki hit Evans with a neckbreaker, but Tamina interfered.

Nikki ducked under a big boot and rolled Tamina up for the win.

Backstage, Sheamus and Corbin were sharing notes and gameplanning for their match against Jey Uso and Roman Reigns, who will wrestle for the first time since February.

Well, this is a semi-surprising singles match.

Otis (Tucker) vs. John Morrison (w/The Miz)

With the Miz on commentary, the match started with Otis running over Morrison, but Morrison hit with a chin breaker, but his following kicks has to effect.

Otis even channeled his inner Ultimate Warrior with a rope shake bfroe hitting with a  suplex and then a airplane spin (do they even call it that anymore?).

Disappearing from the announcer’s desk, the Miz tried to distract Otis and didged his swing as Tucker backed him away.

Otis then charged Morrison, but Morrison dodged him then tossed the lunch box to the Miz and he took off.

Otis then hit the caterpillar and Vader Bomb on Morrison for the pin.

Back from commercial, Tucker is trying to get Otis to chase after Miz, but Otis told him to calm down.

He explained that Miz may have a lunchbox, but he doesn’t have the contract lunchbox that was hidden inside the briefcase.

Kinda cool how Otis keeps outsmarting Miz and Morrison.

Speaking of which, Miz and Morrison were pleased with their heist until they opened the lunchbox and found an eaten apple core.

Wonder what WWE Smackdown Results can expect next week?

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