WWE Smackdown Results (9/18) – The Dirt Sheet with The Miz and John Morrison

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Hello everyone and welcome to WWE Smackdown Results!

It looks like we’re going to have an interesting night tonight as we’re one week away from Clash of Champions: Gold Rush.

As the storylines solidify, we’re sure to see some moments that’ll have us talking tomorrow, hopefully for the better.

Ready? Let’s get it started!

The Dirt Sheet

Looks like we’re starting the show off with The Dirt Sheet with the Miz and John Morrison.

We love their introduction, and they wasted no time in getting to the news of the WWE, and when talking about the dirt they’re not “talking about Otis’ tightie whities.”

They’re revealing the reason for Bayley’s attack on Sasha Banks, why they tried to Erase Sami Zayn for Intercontinental championship history.

They will also dig into the Samoan family secrets Jey Uso is trying to keep buried, but all of that paled compared to their real news — the departure of Mandy Rose.

The showed a flash back to last week’s Talking Smack where the Miz broke the news.

The Miz then said he’s been accused of being vindictive and trying to break Rose and Otis.

He said he’s not trying to play games with Otis, in fact, he’s trying help Otis.

As a former MITB winner, he said Otis has to keep his focus on looking for an opportunity to cash in his MITB contract, and with Mandy gone, he has no distractions.

He added that Otis should thank him and he’ll get over it.

The Miz then said his contacts on Raw said Mandy already has and they mentioned Dolph Ziggler being there.

Otis came out to new entrance music and laid out both Miz and Morrison with a punch each, then cleared the ring.

Tucker was by the announce table and tossed Miz back into the ring where Miz ate a belly-to-belly suplex.

Tucker threw Morrison in and Otis Fisherman suplexed him back over the top rope, then hit the Miz with a splash in the corner.

After encouragement from Tucker, Otis hit the caterpillar and Vader Bomb on the Miz.

Whelp, that’s the thanks the Miz deserved.

Otis music started, but after a few seconds he went after the Miz again and stripped him down to his underwear as the Miz crawled out to the floor.

According to plan

WWE Smackdown Resultscame back to find Miz and Morrison backstage where Morrison told Miz his plan wasn’t working because Otis was mad and he’s like the incredible Hulk.

Morrison doesn’t like him when he’s angry.

The Miz reiterated it was part of the plan, and when he was approached for an interview if it was his plan to aggravate Otis, he got a phone call.

He said, “Did you see it? Was it enough?”

Whatever the answer was, he and Morrison were pleased, so there’ll be more to come and WWE Smackdown Results are highly curious.

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