Impact Wrestling Results (10/20) – 6 Person Tag Match – Willie Mack, TJP, Trey Miguel Defeated Rohit Raju (pin), Chris Bey, Jordynn Grace by pinfall; Rich Swann Attacked Eric Young

Bey hit Raju with a stunner off the ropes, and Trey hit Bey with a superkick and then pinned Rohit

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Impact Wrestling Results have been waiting for this one.

Rohit and Mack started it off, and after briefly circling each other, Rohit antagonized TJP, so TJP tagged himself in.

After chasing Rohit through the ring, Bey came in and TJP hit him with a hurricanranna.

Mack tagged back in and hit Bey a slam and a leg drop for a near pinfall.

Mack nailed Bey with a right, then tool him back to their corner and tagged in TJP.

TJP Tried to catch Bey in a head scissors in the corner, but Rohit gabbed his hand and he fell onto Bey’s knees.

Grace came in and rocked TJP with a handful of clubbing blows before going for a pin attempt.

Grace and Bey excluded Rohit for a while before they tagged him in and he went so the top rope.

They seemed to let TJP go in time to catch Rohit off the top rope with a dropkick, Grace missed a splash off the top rope, and TJP took out Bey.

Trey came in and hit with a series of strikes and kicks, but his pin attempt on Rohit was broken up by Bey.

Things broke down and every got a shot on everyone else as Grace his a spinebuster on Mack, and Trey his a neckbreaker on Grace.

Bey then hit a cutter on Trey off the ropes and Rohit tagged himself in.

Trey kicked out, and Rohit slapped Bey after they argued.

Bey hit Rohit with a cutter off the ropes, and Trey took out Bey with a superkick and pinned Rohit for the win.

Sit down with Eric Young

Young was asked about the level of violence he’s been showing in his attacks and what he plans for Bound For Glory.

He said none of this is his doing, as he gave Rich Swann and Scott D’Amore a way out and they didn’t want to take the easy way out.

He put his plan in motion and they wanted to break boundaries, and now they have to pay the price.

He added that he’s taken control of his career and the bodies will continue piling up if anyone gets in his way.

He said that now he’s angry, upset, vindictive, and has a purpose.

He knows what he has to do to Rich Swann and said he’s responsible for his actions.

Swann attacked in and they made their way to the parking lot where Swann shoved Young into a camera and caused the signal to be lost and we don’t know who won.

Guess Impact Wrestling Results will have to wait until Bound For Glory.

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