Impact Wrestling Results (10/20) – Kylie Rae Says It’s Not Revenge; EC3 Explains Himself

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Impact Wrestling Results came back to a teaser for a new show that follows Impact Wrestling on called Talk Shop Full Keg hosted by The Good Brothers. Looks pretty cool and fun.

Kylie Rae responds

Kylie Rae started this segment off by responding to Deonna Purrazzo.

She said they won’t know who the better wrestler is until they step into that ring. Purrazzo wants people to see her as champion while Kylie wants to be champion.

She then described how she was forced to look into Purrazzo’s eyes when she broke Susie’s arm but she’ll survive.

She admitted that her anger does get the best of her at times and she apologized, saying she would never intentionally hurt someone.

She said her motivation isn’t revenge, it’ll just feel like it is to Purrazzo.

EC3 has a chat

The EC3 group reached their destination and walked a still blindfolded Jimmy Jacobs past a truck and into a warehouse.

Inside, Jacobs was put in a seat in what looks like the room EC3’s been cutting his promos in.

EC3 pulled up a chair and joined him, and told Jacobs it’s just the two of them and they need to talk.

Jacobs asked what the EC3 narrative is and he was told it was freedom, control, and so on but it’s changed because the adversary he sought has emerged.

Jacobs asked if it was the guy that gave him that black eye, and EC3 said his whole body is wounded.

He added that he’s been many places, but on that bridge he saw the Moose he’s always meant to be, and that’s the one EC3 has been waiting to face.

He called Moose a false idol, but Moose has the potential to rise to the occasion and control his narrative.

EC3 added it’s not his narrative to control, it’s his. And Moose needs to learn who he has to become but at EC3’s hands.

He said they’ll fight in the narrative this Saturday.

EC3 said he fights for himself but her forgot that because of his past and that’s why he wants to destroy his past and the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

He added that he’ll only know if his purpose is fulfilled and his dream was certain if he defeats Moose in the narrative on Saturday.

EC3 said he chose to lure Moose into his narrative because he’ll learned at Bound For Glory that he’s going to burn the TNA title to dust.

He congratulated Moose on becoming who he’s supposed to be, but he’s been warned.

This is one of the coolest angles Impact Wrestling Results have seen and we can’t wait for this match.

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