Impact Wrestling Results (10/20) – Sami Callihan Defeated Eddie Edwards by pinfall

Callihan rolled up a distracted Edwards for the win

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Something feels off to Impact Wrestling Results without Ken Shamrock at ringside for Callihan.

Edwards caught Callihan with a kick to start off, but Callihan leveled him with a shoulder block.

Edwards hit a reverse elbow and then guided Callihan to the floor through the rope, and followed him out with a suicide dive.

Edwards went for Callihan’s eyes then threw him into the ring, but Callihan rolled out, then sidestepped Edwards’ leap over the ropes.

Callihan hit with a throw on Edwards, driving him onto the steel ramp.

Callihan waited until the referee was up to 6 on the countout to go out and throw Edwards into the ring.

Edwards hit with a chop, and Callihan went for his eyes and hit a brainbuster for a near pinfall.

Callihan choked him out in the corner with his boot, then locked in a reverse chin lock after he smapmared Edwards into the middle of the ring.

Edwards fought out of the hold, but Callihan his with a right and hand then threw him across the ring into the other corner.

Callihan smacked Edwards a couple fo times before pulling him to his feet, and then hit with a chop and a choke in the corner.

Edwards exploded out of the corner and hit a pair of elbows and a handful of chops before he hit Callihan with a step up kick and hit a hurricanranna when Callihan went to the top rope.

Edwards hit a Blue Thunder Bomb but Callihan kicked out.

Edwards then tried to set up Callihan for a Tiger Driver, but Callihan held onto Edwards’ legs, and they exchanged a boot and punch off the ropes after breaking.

Callihan’s insurance policy

Callihan then hit a sit out powerbomb for a near pinfall.

They exchanged headbutts while n their knees, then right hands.

On their feet, they exchanged chops until Edwards hit a few in a row but Callihan went to the eyes again.

Edwards caught him with a boot, then a pair of forearms before Edwards hit a Tiger Driver, but Callihan kicked out.

Edwards went for a Boston Knee Party, but Callihan got to his phone and caused Edwards to hesitate.

Callihan pressed a button and the lights went out and Shamrock appeared on the ring Apron.

Callihan rolled up a distracted Edwards for the pin.

Edwards then went after Callihan, but Shamrock helped him and then locked in an ankle lock while Callihan mocked him.

Callihan then gave Edwards a thumbs down then stood over him.

This was pretty much what Impact Wrestling Results expected, though having Shamrock appear was a nice touch.

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