NXT UK Results: Eddie Dennis vs. Oliver Carter

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Since NXT UK has returned to the air, we haven’t seen Eddie Dennis step into the ring. He’s been scheming behind the scenes with Pretty Deadly instead. However, tonight he gets into the ring with Oliver Carter, in what is his first singles match since January. Will he come back with a big win?

Oliver Carter Finally Gets Some Singles Shine

They’d lock up, and Carter got him down to the mat. Dennis would easily fight back to his feet, and attack the arm before going for a headlock takeover. Carter would slip out and get a headscissors, but Dennis got out and stomped the gut.

Dennis got Carter to his feet and went after the arms again, but Carter came back with some strikes. He’d pick up the pace and land on his feet out of a back body drop, before hitting a running hurricanrana. A springboard attempt wouldn’t pan out, him soaring over Dennis and eating a palm strike to the face.

Carter charged at Dennis after this, but we sent hard over the top rope. Dennis would throw him around the ring, before applying a cravate. He’d fight free and come back with some more strikes, but missed with the enzuguri before going for a rollup.

Eddie Dennis Closes This Match Out

Carter would again be thrown towards the ropes, but he’d skin the cat and end up back in the ring, catching Dennis with a swinging DDT. Dennis rolled to the outside, and was hit with a dive. Back in the ring, Dennis would counter a springboard 450 by getting his knees up, and hit a powerslam for a near fall.

Dennis would set up the Razors Edge, but Carter slipped out and hit a Superkick, Uranage and Lionsault, this combo getting a two count. Carter would then run into a boot, but come back with a spinning heel kick in the corner. Dennis would quickly rally back, set up the Razors Edge and this one was over.

Is It Finally Eddie Dennis’s Time?

Eddie Dennis has been plagued by injuries constantly in NXT UK, having spent 8 months on the shelf prior to this match. The Welsh Dragon is back, and perhaps more dangerous than ever. Carter got his ass kicked here, and with Pretty Deadly potentially running as backup for Dennis, we could see him make his way to that NXT UK Championship in due time.

Do you think Eddie Dennis could become NXT UK Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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