WWE News: Plans For Randy Orton For WrestleMania Season Possibly Revealed

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It was an enthralling night of WWE action in the Thunderdome on Sunday evening, as Hell in a Cell took place. One of the most shocking moments of the evening came in the main event, as Randy Orton was crowned a 14-time world champion after defeating Drew McIntyre inside Hell in a Cell.


It was a shocking victory and defied the odds for the match, which had McIntyre as the clear favourite to hold on to his title. However, has the plan for Orton going forward finally been revealed?


WWE News: Edge vs Orton Likely For Mania


It will come as no surprise to fans that it seems almost certain that the WWE will be doing Randy Orton against Edge for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania next year. The two stars have been engaged in one of the hottest rivalries in WWE for many years throughout much of 2020, but the ice was put on that story after Edge picked up an injury during their WrestleMania re-match.


Both superstars have won once so far, and there is an expectancy that the rubber match will also include the WWE Championship at the showpiece event next year. Edge’s return has been rumoured for a number of weeks now, with some even speculating during the main event that he could cost Orton the title. However, Edge didn’t appear last night and there isn’t an announced date on when we could be seeing him back in the WWE.


WWE News: What’s Next For Orton?

It would seem as though the feud between Orton and McIntyre has now come to an end after Orton’s win last night, which means that there will be an opportunity for somebody new to step up and take on the Legend Killer. Survivor Series is fast approaching, which could mean we could see the build to a champion vs champion match between Orton and Roma Reigns.


The two superstars have locked horns on social media already this year, which means that there will certainly be fan interest in seeing the battle. There have also been rumours that the Undertaker may re-emerge to challenge Orton at Survivor Series to mark the anniversary of his debut. However, we will likely find out more during Raw tonight regarding what happens next with the WWE Championship and Orton.



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