WWE News: The Miz Wins Money in the Bank, But When Could He Cash In?

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There were a number of shock results during Hell in a Cell on Sunday night, with Randy Orton and Sasha Banks both winning the WWE Championship and SmackDown Women’s Championship respectively. However, the biggest shocker of the night came as Otis lost his Money in the Bank contract in a singles match against The Miz.


It was a stunning end to the match as Tucker turned on his tag team partner to allow Miz to get the easy pin on Otis. Otis and Tucker immediately clashed backstage after the match, but there now seems to be big plans on the horizon for The Miz.


WWE News: Result Makes Sense All Round


There is no doubting that Otis’ run as MITB holder was fun while it lasted, but he never credibly had a chance of winning one of the major titles. He wasn’t taken seriously enough to match-up against either Roman Reigns or Randy Orton. On the other hand, Miz won his WWE Championship after cashing in on Orton earlier in his career, and as a dastardly heel, there aren’t many better.


Miz is one of the finest heels in the WWE, and he deserves one final chance at holding the top prize in the company. He has done everything that has been asked of him throughout his career, and has proven over the past year that he is also underrated as a face. It’s unlikely that he will be cashing in as a face, but there is already huge excitement surrounding the MITB briefcase now, which is more than can be said from when Otis was holding it.


WWE News: Could A Cash-In Come Soon?


As we mentioned before, Miz cashed in on Orton to win his first championship, which means that there could be a sense of déjà vu for the reigning champion. Miz adds another layer of unpredictability into the title picture, as there is a sense that he could cash-in at any point. Fans will even have a feeling that something could happen with the Miz as soon as tonight.


However, with plans for Orton against Edge pressing ahead for Mania next year, the Miz may be forced to wait his turn. But, that could see him cashing-in his title on Edge on the night after Mania, which would make him the biggest heel in the company.

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