WWE NXT Results: Shotzi Blackheart vs. Candice LeRae

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Halloween Havoc is back later this month as a special episode of NXT, and the card is starting to form. NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai will defend her championship on that night, and it will be against either Halloween Havoc’s host, Shotzi Blackheart, or The Poison Pixie, Candice LeRae. LeRae & Blackheart both have recent losses to Shirai, despite strong showings. One will get another chance to use that match as a learning experience.

Candice LeRae Uses The Gargano Way

They’d quickly lock up, with Blackheart getting the upper hand with some arm drags, before sliding out of the way of a lariat from LeRae and hitting an enziguri. Blackheart ended up in the ropes, but she’d counter the neckbreaker attempt from LeRae, only to be sent outside. A brief brawl saw Blackheart win, and take this advantage back to the ring.

Blackheart hit a series of knee facebusters on LeRae, but a rabid LeRae got the advantage with some strikes, getting a near fall before slowing the pace down with an armlock. She can out-wrestle Blackheart, but can’t outpace her at this point. A suplex would drop Blackheart, but only got a two count, and a rake to the eyes would follow. The Gargano Way at play!

Blackheart would be thrown across the ring, and choked in the corner with a boot, this calculated assault doing great to break Blackheart down. However, the crowd was behind Blackheart and she’d come back with a suplex. The match moved to the apron, and Blackheart looked for the Sliced Bread No. 2, but got shoved into the post and then sent face first into the apron as we’d go to a commercial break.

Shotzi Blackheart Is Hard To Kill

Coming back from the break, Blackheart was fighting back, rolling out of the way of LeRae and hitting a dropkick. A reverse Slingblade followed by a hard knee strike, a rolling forearm, a hook kick and a running senton would be the comeback of Blackheart, only getting a two count. The top rope senton was set up, but LeRae got her knees up and Blackheart barely kicked out at two.

LeRae would be set up on the top rope for a superplex, but slipped out and Blackheart took a german suplex from the second rope and a superkick still wouldn’t be enough to put Blackheart down. She’d come back with a Tiger Suplex, and get a two count of her own. Fatigue would set in on both ladies, and LeRae hit a backstabber and the springboard moonsault, Blackheart kicking out at two.

Indi Hartwell Gets Into LeRae’s Good Graces

Blackheart was right back into this match with a roll up, and when that failed she tried for Cattle Mutilation, only for LeRae to get her foot under the rope to break the hold. A kick to the head had LeRae in position for the senton, but LeRae cut her off, only to be shoved off and taken out, but rolled to the outside to avoid the finisher.

Indi Hartwell at ringside would give LeRae a set of brass knuckles, and one punch would end this match. William Regal can’t even get mad at this one, knowing very well how good the power of the punch can be.

Now, she gets another chance to become NXT Women’s Champion, but Blackheart might look to make this a triple threat after this dusty finish. Will the match at Halloween Havoc be a singles affair? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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